Identity Thieves Never Rest
Get the Information You Need To Stay Safe From Identity Theft

Facts don't lie: Identity theft is currently the number one crime in America.

With most problems, it is easier to fix them when they are small. It is the same with ID theft.

Learn how to stay safe from identity theft.
  • Are you here because you are a victim and you need help getting out of the mess someone put you in?
  • Or are you here because you see the potential of being hurt and you want to protect yourself before it happens?

Hi, my name is Chris and I’ve seen firsthand how ID theft can ruin your life and make it impossible to move forward. It is theft. It is a terrible crime.

And it is solvable with the services and procedures that are available to you on this site and knowing some basic identity theft facts.

I come from a law enforcement background. It seems that everyone in my family heeded the call to help people stay safe. I was raised on the letter of the law and helping victims find some measure of justice.

Because of these experiences, I have a finely tuned protective instinct. That’s why I take ID theft so seriously.

There is no peace unless you can get out of the spinning vortex this viscous crime puts you in. With a little help, you can reclaim your identity and your life.

  • Did you know that more than 50% of victims don’t even know that their identity has been compromised?

The purpose of this website is to put you squarely back in control of your sensitive personal information.

On the pages of this website, I will explain

  • How ID theft works
  • The types of ID theft including current identity theft scams, social security fraud, medical scams and top internet fraud scams.
  • How to prevent ID theft
  • Steps to take if you are a victim

Identity thieves and their criminal networks are working 24/7 to rob you of your most important assets. The keys to keeping your identity safe are knowledge and action. I want to keep you safe from this crime. I want to help you extricate yourself if you are a victim.

And, importantly, I want to give you the information you need to arm yourself against the constant threat of getting your identity stolen.

Your safety is the number one goal of this site. Let me help you regain control and peace of mind.

  • Theft of your identity is a threat to everyone. It doesn’t matter what your age, financial situation or where you live, your identity is in jeopardy of being stolen. Believe it or not, even your children are at risk. Absolutely No One Is Exempt from identity theft.

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Ways To Prevent Identity Theft
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Our Identity Theft Laws
Important identity theft laws have been needed for years as a deterrent for this devastating crime. It was imperative to have this crime addressed for the sake of consumer and national security.
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Stealing Identity Of A Deceased Person!
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Scam Warnings Come From Unexpected Sources!
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Identity theft stories...These can really make you think twice!
Identity theft stories make headlines every day. Be aware, and don't be the next victim.
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The frequency of Social Security fraud has increased dramatically in the last few years.
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Report Email Scams - Let Me Show You What To Do!
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Quick Scams For Money Is A Con Artist Dream!
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Vital Christmas Messages
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Identity theft help...handy resources and websites to help recover your good credit and name if a victim.
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Computer Identity Theft! Cyber Crime Hits Millions!
This computer Identity theft is unbelievable! Did you hear about the hi-jacking of millions of computers?
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