Work-From-Home Scams
Have Exploded!

Work from home scams are on the rise because scammers now have access to millions more people with the technology of email and the internet.

Work from home scams promote identity theft and online scams.

It's easy and very cheap to send phony messages and ads to a hugely vast audience.

Even though we now have the internet, the victims that become susceptible to these work from home scams they have really not changed over the years.

  • Work from home con's biggest prey comes from work at home moms, seniors, people that have little or no income and have very few job skills.

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  • Then there are those that think they can become rich, very quickly. These scams can also leave you wide open to become a victim of identity theft.

Years ago I was injured and couldn’t work for a few years and thought I could make some kind of income from home to support myself - Wrong!

The newest arena for the con artists is cyberspace and has allowed the con’s hunt to dupe more people from all over the world.

All of these work from home scams that I tried, failed. They were not what the company advertised.

At the time there was no internet, no way which was known to check out these companies.

In the beginning, I didn’t even realize I was being scammed.

This word “scam” and all the viciousness that goes with it, including identity theft, was not known about. These things were not the “norm” then.

The President and Founder of the American Association of Home-Based-Business, Beverley Williams, says there are very few “work at home” job opportunities that are legitimate.

Work-From-Home Scams
Tips To Keep You
From Being A Victim

Work-From-Home Assembly

This scam is the one I grew up with. This is the scam I saw and heard about the most.

The problem lies in finding a company that is on the up and up and they are far and few between.

  • In most cases you have to put money up front to join the company.

You have to pay in advance for your materials and instructions.

Then it takes hours to assemble or sew the product you choose such as baby clothes, bears, angels, etc.

  • Once you complete the project you send the items back, (you pay the shipping back to them), and wait to hear if the company ok’s what you completed.
  • If the items you made are approved you are supposed to be paid.

I found that the companies always found some “little” thing wrong with the products and would send them back for you to correct.

  • You do the corrections and again send them back to the company and go through the whole approval process, Again.

This whole process goes on and on.

I had chosen a sewing project, and I did know how to sew and sew well.

To see what would happen I decided to have a friend of mine, who owned a craft/sewing store, sew a few of these angels and I would send her professional items to the company to be approved.

Guess what? The angels were not approved! Scam! Scam! Scam!

Wow! If only I had a clue then. I sure do now.

That is just another example of why I chose to make my website on identity theft, scams, and all that goes with it.

I got tired of being the victim and decided to do something about all I have learned over the years, hoping to help many others avoid becoming a victim.

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Stuffing Envelopes

Here's another scam that has been around for years and makes a strong come back every now and then.

You can see ads for this type of "work" in many magazines and newspapers.

  • The ad will tell you if you work a few hours a week you can make $300 to $1000 dollars.
  • These work from home scams are a classic and have been around for years.
  • The problem is, again, you have to pay for the envelopes, the advertisements that go into them And you have to pay for the addresses and stamps to mail them.

The one I tried years ago didn’t even provide the addresses. That was the last time I tried one of these scams.

Starting Your Own
Home Based Business

These include network marketer, mystery shopping, and multi-level marketing.

  • There are many legitimate businesses that can actually help you get your own home business started.

Make sure you investigate to find the right one.

  • I will say, my niece recently found an online legitimate mystery shopping job that she did to make extra money.

She investigated the company, found it to be legitimate, and was one of the lucky ones to get paid for the work she did.

For more information go to, mystery shopping scams to learn more.

Medical Billing

As of late, this has become an extremely popular scam.

  • A friend of mine, Lilly, looked into medical billing hoping she could work from home.

Lilly believed what the ads said pertaining to full or part-time work that would bring you substantial income and you didn’t need any experience.

  • A toll free number was provided and when Lilly called, a sales person told her that the medical community has great needs for this service and she'd be provided with everything she needed to start her own medical billing business.
  • This included the software to process claims, technical support and a list of possible clients.
  • The “catch” to this is, it will cost you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars.
  • Most doctors offices contract their billing functions to outside, well-established and large firms or the doctor’s office processes their own claims.
  • Very seldom will they hire someone working from home.

The exception seems to be if a person that already works for the doctor in this capacity for a year or more is given the go ahead to do some of this work at home.

This does not happen as a common occurrence.

  • To avoid these work from home scams, talk to people in the medical claims field, doctors, medical billing offices in your community, and ask for their advice as to how to get started and what school, etc to use.

Tips To Avoid Work-From-Home Scams

  • These scams are popular and successful because of the psychological make-up of people.
  • We would all like to make money and make it fast. When you are a newcomer to the internet, it is very easy to become a victim to one or more of these home-based work from home scams.
  • Check out the company you're dealing with. Go to (Better Business Bureau) and check out the reports for the company.
  • Owning Any business is a lot of hard work. I know, because I’ve owned a few of my own.

It takes time, dedication, skill and good products.

  • Find people that work for the company you are looking into and find out if the company kept to their promises and if they got paid and paid on time.
  • Some of these “work from home scams” actually have legal requirements.

You may need a certificate or license in your state to do medical billing.

  • Check with your state’s Attorney General’s Office.

You should also check with your local zoning board to see if there are restrictions to operate a home business where you live.

  • Also check with your nearest U.S. Department of Labor as, under federal law, some types of work cannot be done.

Go to companies in your area that hire people to work for them from home.

Research and knowledge will protect you from this scam and from becoming a victim of identity theft in the process.

For more protection against these work from home scams, also check your local library or book store for source books and resources on work from home scams.

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