Truth And Lies Of
Vitamin Scams!

Evidence of vitamin scams is steadily increasing, and some of the “oldies and goodies” we have depended on in years may even harm your health.

Vitamin scams cause the ever present credit card scam.

Identity theft and identity theft scams are bad enough to deal with but, even though this scam doesn’t steal your identity, it is a scam that will steal your money.

I believe most people believe the same way I have about vitamins…they are good for you and a valuable staple of life.

  • Recent research shatters this myth with growing evidence that a multi-vitamin is a waste of your money and it’s possible it could hurt your health.

Here is some information to be aware of:

Vitamin Scams: Is A Good
Cold Fighter Vitamin C?

  • In the 1970’s Nobel laureate Linus Pauling made popular the idea that Vitamin C could prevent colds.

Researchers in 2007 analyzed several decades of studies and involved more than 11,000 subjects and came to this stunning conclusion:

Vitamin C does Not ward off colds, except among soldiers in sub arctic, marathoners and skiers.

Vitamin C, taken daily, can reduce the length of time for your sniffles, but not so much to make much of a difference.

A daily Vitamin C might cut kid’s colds from 28 days to 24 days and adults might cut off 1 day…all very minor.

Because of such minor reductions researchers came to the conclusion that taking a one a day Vitamin C pill does not justify the expense.

Vitamin Scams: Can Vitamins
Hurt You?

A common misconception is taking vitamins, and some taking them in huge quantities, is alright and they can’t hurt you.

A top MD, Demetrius Albanes, a nutritional epidemiologist at the National Cancer Institute did a series of large scale studies that has totally turned this thinking around.

A huge study tested whether the popular anti-oxidant, beta-carotene pills, were able to prevent lung cancer.

  • Surprisingly enough, they found Increases in lung cancer and deaths in the supplement taken by male smokers.
  • Because these results were so unexpected, further studies were conducted that showed it was not a fluke.

Do Antioxidant Pills Promote Cancer?

In some circumstances there is a real possibility that antioxidant pills can actually promote cancer in men as well as woman.

Studies showed taking high doses of folic acid can raise your risk of getting colon cancer.

Other studies suggest a connection between heart disease and some vitamins.

  • In pill form, vitamins can act as a drug with a potential for unexpected and many times cut homocysteine levels, but don’t make a difference in heart disease and many times could have dangerous side effects.

B vitamins were shown to help break down amino acid homocysteine, and high levels of these homocysteines are linked to heart disease. Unfortunately, these also didn’t pan out.

Long Term Study

Woman’s Health Initiative did a long term study of more than 160,000 woman in midlife.

  • The astounding results showed multivitamin takers are not any healthier than the non pill poppers when it comes to stroke, heart disease and cancer.

Woman taking a multivitamin that also had a poor diet were not helped when taking a multivitamin.

A number of studies also showed that those taking a B-vitamin combo still experienced similar rates of cancer or death from cancer.

  • Doctor Marian Neuhouser did a huge multivitamin study and found the multivitamin pill didn’t offer any protection against cancer either and the same was found for C, E, and Beta-Carotene research done by Harvard Medical School.

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Vitamin Scams Conclusion

  • Research shows vitamin D covers a list of health woes.
  • Heart attacks can be cut in half in men who take adequate amounts; it also appears it will cut down the risk of at least half a dozen cancers.
  • University of California, Cedric Garland, MD, states if we all took enough vitamin D, every year at least 50,000 cases of colorectal cancer could be prevented.

The institute of medicine is now reassessing a real boost in the current levels of D.

Foods Rich In Vitamins


Banana, chicken, garbanzo beans, potato


Rainbow Trout, beef, sockeye salmon, clams

Beta Carotene

Frozen spinach, sweet potato, canned pumpkin, carrot juice or carrots


Brussel sprouts, papaya, broccoli, red bell pepper


Hazelnuts, sunflower oil, sunflower seeds, almonds, peanut butter


Black beans, asparagus, orange juice, lentils, garbanzo beans

Prevent vitamin scams: Eat right and take vitamin D. It all makes sense.

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