Telemarketing Scams
Are A Fact Of Life!

Telemarketing scams have been around for a very long time and are becoming more and more sophisticated.

Telemarketing scams are one of the top internet fraud scams.
  • Over 450,000 people have been bilked out of nearly $80 million dollars by a Philadelphia-based company, which is now defunct.
  • The company’s real mission was to trick “customers” into paying monthly fees without their knowledge. This company was busted by federal authorities. Here’s how this works…

A person will get a “cold-call” from a telemarketer that claims he is selling internet services.

Many of these calls come when you are busy or not willing to spend the time talking on the phone, so you will tell the person to mail you the information.

The following month you find you have received a $29.95 charge on your telephone bill for the GoInternet services you never ordered.

  • How is this done? Through very “creative editing” of the initial telemarketing calls and more skillful sending of service agreement terms disguised as junk mail.

GoInternet telemarketers would phone individuals, nonprofits, small-business owners, recording the calls.

They would ask questions during their pitch that were designed to produce the answer “yes”, such as would the consumer consent to receive information mailed to you explaining the company services.

  • This scam is also a perfect opportunity for the scammer to make you a victim of identity theft.

In the call the scammer will ask you your name, and if you say yes, GoInernet would then edit the recordings to make it sound like you said yes to have monthly charges appear on your phone bill.

These tapes served as the proof needed that charges were authorized if the customer complained later to the telephone company.

The company mails “welcome packets” to the victims and made them intentionally look like junk mail so they were thrown away by most people who received them.

The victims never saw the legally required disclosure of the enrollment including the notice that they had only 15 days to cancel their “service” too prevent future monthly charges, because the packets had been thrown away.

GoInternet targeted primarily small businesses, so the extra items on the phone bills often went unnoticed or were thought to be legitimate charges.

  • The Federal Trade Commission won a $58 million judgment against GoInternet for unauthorized billing.

Three GoInternet officials were federally prosecuted on fraud and tax evasion charges in 2007.

All pleaded guilty before a trial was to begin last October. The officials will be sentenced in February.

The GoInternet CEO faces up to 46 years in prison and a $1 million dollar fine.

Two other company executives face fines of $250,000 and 20 years of imprisonment.

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Telemarketing Scams Tips

  • Make sure you are diligent about opening All your mail, even the ones that look like junk mail.
  • It is also easy to mistake disclosures by legitimate companies, such as any changes in your credit card interest rates, to be thought to be junk mail.
  • Always check over your phone bill for any third-party charges, which will typically be on a separate page.

Any that are unauthorized, dispute.

Assume you are always being recorded when a telemarketer calls and can easily manipulate to their advantage your “yes” answer.

These telemarketing scams will be less costly to you in money, time and possibly your identity, if you just hang up on all unsolicited telemarketing calls.

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