Street Scams And Pet Scams How To Protect Yourself!

Street scams are so cruel! This scam is also known as pet scams.

Identity theft scams and street scams involving puppies.

This particular one focuses on puppies and can involve identity theft in the process.

I heard about one of my neighbors, Sam, who wanted a German shepherd puppy for the longest time and decided to look into buying one.

  • The problems started when Sam found out how much a purebred with papers cost.

Thousands of dollars was not an uncommon price to have to pay for a puppy like this.

Last month Sam decided to go on the internet to see what he could find and see if he could find one that cost less or go with a different breed puppy.

Many puppies were listed on the website Sam went to, and he fell hard for a puppy that cost $2,000.00.

Sam e-mailed the person that had the website and got a reply back within hours.

The e-mail stated the puppy Sam was interested in was still available and loved other animals and people.

  • The website owner stated the puppy was 8½ weeks old and should be fed only high quality dog food.
  • They would send the puppy on Southwest Airlines in 24 hours as soon as the payment was wired.
  • Sam wired the money as requested. A day later Sam was sent an e-mail stating it would cost $350.00 more for the puppy crate and was e-mailed again, a couple of days later, for $300.00 dollars more for additional papers to be filled out at the airport.
  • Sam wired the additional money, and, almost a month later Sam still did not have his puppy.

Sam felt totally taken advantage of and felt foolish, because he had no knowledge of this type of scam.

Sam never got his puppy and never retrieved all the money he lost in this street scam.

These phony websites and puppy swindles are normally taken down after a couple of months and new ones go up.

Some of the new websites actually contain some of the same text and photos found on the website that Sam used.

These scammers buy website domains with stolen credit cards using names like, and also buy newspaper ads.

I checked with one of our area newspapers and found that 5 to 6 puppy ads are submitted a week.

The ads are spotted as false because the ads come from across the country, and you keep seeing the same dog pictures, over and over.

Many of the real breeders have placed a warning on their own websites after Scam Alert notified them that his information and identity on their site had been stolen.

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How To Avoid Street Scams
Pet Scams

  • For a legitimate dealer in your area, contact a local breed club if you want a certain breed.
  • Never, ever wire money to purchase any item, puppy, or other product on the Internet.
  • Since most credit cards have fraud protection policies, make sure and pay for your puppy with a credit card.
  • Legitimate online breeders and dealers post traceable addresses and phone numbers. Make sure you call the seller.

Check out his business through the Better Business Bureau or the Local Chamber of Commerce in the town of the website owner.

  • Also check the information through your directories such as the white pages. You can also go to
  • Have the seller send a picture of the puppy next to a sign that has your name and date on it.

This will verify that they have the puppy that was advertised.

  • Scammers often use and to send e-mails because they don’t require identity verification and they are free.

Contact your local Better Business Bureau and your state attorney general if you think you have become a victim of this street scam (puppy scam).

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Street scams are alive and doing great business. They've been around for years but, just rotate the type or, change their look. Be aware of the different ways this type of scam can work.

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