Mail Box Full? Stop Junk Mail!

Stop Junk Mail! Are you sick of junk mail that seems endless?

Opt out to stop junk mail and identity theft.

There is a way out, and it only takes a few minuets of your time.

  • Individuals can avoid receiving unsolicited service or product information by several methods called "opt out".

In stopping the junk mail, you will also limit the amount of credit report access there is to your personal information.

We all receive pre-approved credit card offers by mail.

This dramatically increases your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft.

  • All a thief has to do is steal the pre-approved credit card application from your mailbox, complete it, and send it in.

See credit card scams for knowledge to protect yourself from becoming the next identity theft victim.

  • The thief will use their own address so it will be sent directly to them, and you won't even receive the bills.
  • You won't realize you are a victim of identity theft until you are cleaned out and your credit has taken a serious hit.

Also, make sure you check out do not call list for details on how to stop those annoying calls from telemarketers.

Critical Tip To Stopping
Junk Mail?...Opt Out!

You may opt out for 5 years or permanently, and you may opt out at any time.

  • An automated system will walk you through the steps.

What? You thought you would get to talk to a "real person"? As Dr. Phil would say, "get real"!

In this day and age, I am always so surprised when I get to talk to a real person that it stuns me into silence, and that is a very hard thing to do.

  • One call to stop the junk mail will remove you from the list of all 3 major Credit Card Companies.
  • It will take effect in 5 business days. This is quick and easy to do and is well worth it.

You will receive a letter approximately 5 business days after the call asking if your name and address is correct on the form.

If everything is correct, sign and date the form where indicated and mail it back to the company.

If your name and address is wrong, make the corrections on the form where indicated and send back.

  • You will need to provide your own stamped self-addressed envelope, as the company does not supply this to return their form.
  • If you want to opt out of your own credit card companies and financial institutions, contact them separately.

It will not work to contact the major credit bureaus.

Did You Know?

  • There are also other mailing lists to opt out of and stop junk mail.

Direct Marketing Association
Mailing List

  • You may opt out online for a $5.00 fee.

Mail address:

  • Mail Preference Service
    Direct Marketing Association
    P.O. Box 9008
    Farmingdale, NY - 11735

Web site:


Telephone Preference Service
Of The DMA

  • You may also opt out and stop junk mail using the web site for the mailing list for $5.00.

By mail address:

  • Telephone Preference Service
    Direct Marketing Association
    P.O. Box 9014
    Farmingdale, NY - 11735

Mailing lists are also sent out
by 4 major companies.

To stop junk mail and have your name removed, you need to make a written request by mail to them. The major companies are as follows:

  • R.L. Polk & Company - Name Deletion File List
    Compilation Development
    26955 Northwestern Highway
    Southfield, MI - 48034-4716

  • Dun & Bradstreet Customer Service
    899 Eaton Ave.
    Bethlehem, PA - 18025

  • Database America
    Compilation Department 470
    Chestnut Ridge Road
    Woodcliff, NJ - 07677

Always remember shredding documents is also another important way to protect yourself against identity theft.

I hope you take advantage of an effective way to stop junk mail and become knowledgeable in the different areas where we can do something to protect ourselves from becoming a victim.

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