Stealing Identity: Identity At Risk Even When Deceased!

Stealing identity of the dead? I can’t imagine anything that is more disgusting, but this type of identity theft scam is becoming a regular identity theft problem.

Crosses in the cemetary stealing identity of the dead.
  • Recipients of emails that have been circulating are told if they are willing to help a person that is taking care of an estate of a deceased person, they can receive millions of dollars.

This type of identity theft scammer may say he is much to ill to handle the liquidation of the deceased’s estate.

  • Another version of this scam will have the thief saying his deceased client has the same name as the person that receives the email.

Either way, this allows the thief to take any money he can scam out of unsuspecting victims for bogus charges, fees, etc, related to all these false claims and transactions.

This type of identity theft hurts the victim in major ways.

  • Any personal information gained by the scammer during these transactions can be used for identity theft and…
  • Your identity and money are now at stake, so don’t allow yourself to be duped by these scammers.

Just opening an attachment or clicking on the link allows the scammer to mine all the valuable information off your computer and use it for the purpose of gaining your identity.

When you receive an email like this, don’t open it!!! Delete It!

Identity stealing, especially from a deceased person, is an extremely heartbreaking crime.

Because of the sharp rise in this particular crime, it proves your identity is not even safe in death.

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Stealing identity of the dead is something you would never expect to happen, but unfortunately even the dead are at risk with this type of identity theft, so protect yourself with knowledge of all types of identity theft scams.

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