Social Security News
We Are All Targets!

Social security news in this day and age is not only depressing, it is extremely scary.

Social security news social security identity theft escalates.

So many areas in Social Security are being attacked, and the threats are only growing.

Scammers target Social Security recipients because, in many cases, it is easy to take advantage of seniors that are not knowledgeable concerning the many scams out there today.

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Below I have listed some of the most recent scams that are making the rounds.

Social Security News
Are You Aware Of These Scams?

  • Refund Scam – A phony financial advisor only wants to give you assistance in opting out of the Social Security program.

This allows him to recover the full amount you paid into it for so many years.

Social Security cannot be opted out of legally.

This scammer will take your money, put it in his pocket, and go on his merry way.

In the process, the scammer has also stolen your Social Security number that you gave to him so he is able to not only steal your identity, but sell your number to others to do the same.

  • Replacing Social Security Number Scam – You receive a letter from the Social Security Administration that states your SS card needs to be replaced.

They make it very easy for you by providing a form to fill out. You just have to fill in the form and mail it back to them.

The problem is the Social Security Dept. did Not send this to you, so if you fill out and send in the form, it goes to a scammer that used your personal information to commit identity theft and make you the newest victim.

The scammer is pretty safe in assuming your card needs to be replaced, as people's cards really take a beating.

Unless the card holder requests their card be replaced, the Social Security Administration does Not replace old cards.

  • The Old Change Of Address Scam – The Social Security Administration sends a notice that confirms an address change for where your Social Security benefit check will be mailed in the future (or so you think).

The letter could even suggest you change the direct deposit to another bank account.

The scary part is you absolutely did Not change your bank account or change your address.

If you call the number on the notice you will be connected with someone that claims to work for the Social Security office.

The representative will tell you someone is trying to make you a victim of identity theft, and the representative is there to help you.

Right! The only person trying to scam and steal your identity is the “representative” claiming to help you.

Everything about the deal screams Scam. Do not supply anyone calling on the phone with your personal information.

I have been asked for personal information over the phone many times and I tell the person asking I have no intention of giving out that type of information over the phone.

Social Security News
For People Already
Receiving Benefits

  • Adjustment To Cost Of Living (COLA) Scam – You are informed by the Social Security Administration that you are qualified for a benefit increase that will keep you up-to-date with inflation.

The catch is, you have to apply for them first.

This is another scam…Whenever a COLA adjustment is due, it is given automatically.

If anyone contacts you by mail or phone and attempts to extract your personal information for this reason, Refuse.

The scammer is only trying to steal your Social Security information and/or bank account number.

  • Direct-Deposit Scam – You are contacted from someone who claims to work for the Social Security Office and would like to confirm your direct-deposit bank account number.

This type of scam can be received by mail, phone or email.

The person threatens that if you don’t supply the information they need, you will not receive your next check.

This is a scam – Most people do receive their check through direct deposit, so the scammer hasn’t made too much of a stretch of the imagination.

Giving this type of information in any form, whether in email or by phone, is a con to get your personal information.

It’s possible to be legitimate if you receive something like this by mail, but I would definitely contact the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 and confirm this.

Don’t give any personal information. If you give out your bank account information, this will give the scammer the power to transfer funds and print checks that are counterfeit.

  • Scam Of The Extra Checks – The Social Security Office states you are entitled to extra payments because of a miscalculation in your benefits.

Social Security fraud is running rampant, and this is another scam of a person trying to commit identity theft.

In the unlikely scenario that there was such a thing as a miscalculation, the SSA would automatically adjust your benefits and your increase would be reflected in future checks.

  • One Last Social Security News Scam Is The Inheritance Scam – This scam has gained speed and is very dangerous.

You are informed by the Social Security Administration that you are no longer going to receive your SS checks and are required to pay back a certain amount of your benefits because you came into an inheritance recently.

Your benefits will not be affected because you receive an inheritance.

Please don't buy into this, you are being scammed.

Many scammers prowl through the obituaries and collect names and personal information of the relatives of the deceased and assume you received an inheritance.

I hope this update on Social Security news will be of help in your fight to keep your identity your own.

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