Social Security Identity Theft
Is Absolutely Huge!

Social Security identity theft is Big business and everyone is at risk to become a victim of this devastating crime.

Computer hacker committing social security identity theft.

Did you know stealing your SSN# allows the thief to impersonate you, steal your identity, and wipe out your accounts in seconds?

Over 10 million people are affected by identity theft each year.

This crime is increasing in numbers at an extremely rapid rate.

  • Social security can literally wipe you out financially.

If you become a victim of this vicious crime, it can affect whether you are able to open a credit account, have a loan or mortgage.

  • It has also, in some cases, resulted in the victim being arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.

The crime was committed by the thief that stole his identity, using his name.

Go to social security news to learn more ways you have become a target.

  • 42% of the complaints that are received by the Federal Trade Commission are for identity theft.
  • Social Security numbers are used by terrorists to gain access to our communities.
  • Over $5 billion dollars is lost to victims of identity theft, and hundreds of hours spent trying to retrieve their good name.
  • Businesses lose over $48 billion dollars to this horrible crime.

We used to feel our personal information was safe when given to a company. Unfortunately, this is simply not true.

There are over 10 million New identity theft cases every year and over half of these cases originate from an employer, place of business, local, state or federal government.

This involves anyone that has a Federal Tax ID, business name, account information, business indicia and identifiers of employees and management.

  • In the last few years we have heard on major news channels that reported employees of companies had stolen thousands of people’s personal information, social security numbers, names, addresses and the list goes on and on.
  • Major companies and banks have had social security identity theft happen.

Omg! My own bank had the identity of thousands of clients stolen recently.

  • Due to astonishingly widespread corporate carelessness, over 46 million people have had their records lost or stolen in just the first half of 2005 alone, and the cases just keep getting higher.

For more ways to protect yourself see, social security news.

  • Social Security identity theft has become a huge problem.

Our social security number literally defines our life. If you lose this, you completely lose your identity.

Do you know if someone is using your social security number to find a job?

If they are, you have not only the Social Security Administration to worry about, but the IRS as well.

If that isn’t enough, your credit will most also be in jeopardy.

If you receive Social Security benefits, your yearly Social Security Benefit Estimate Statement and Social Security Earnings always list all of your earnings that post to your record.

Also listed is an estimate of benefits for you and your family.

Extremely helpful is the fact that it can also tip you off if a criminal has stolen your identity for employment reasons.

There are many ways to prevent identity theft, and you must keep yourself apprised as to what is going on that could affect every area of your life.

  • Limit the amount of personal information you give out online. Make sure you order from a secure web site.
  • Never carry your social security card on your person or in your purse or wallet.

There are only a few instances you need to show your social security card, one being applying for a job.

  • Don’t leave mail in your mail box overnight, especially if the mail has any of your personal information on it.
  • Don’t give your personal information over the phone.

Many times I have been asked to confirm my personal information over the phone or online in emails.

When asked, just tell the person asking for it that you are sorry, but you don’t give out that kind of information.

If it’s an email, don’t reply.

  • Always use a shredder. A shredder stops your business and personal information from ending up in the wrong hands.

Our social security number is used on most every piece of personal information we fill out.

Credit card companies, doctors, mortgage and loan companies, and every company we have a bill with has this information on file.

This leaves you at risk in a huge way, and easily leaves you open and vulnerable for this type of ID theft.

Keep Social Security identity theft from making you a victim. Knowledge and taking action are the keys to keeping you and your loved ones safe.

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