Social Security Fraud
Gaining Speed!

Social Security fraud has devastating effects on victims of this horrible identity theft crime.

Social security fraud lock to prevent social security identity theft.

Believe it or not, in an increasing number of social security identity theft cases, the victims are children.

  • Many consumers share the same name; therefore, the nine-digit unique SSN number is key to identifying individuals, government, businesses and others.

The challenge is to keep the SSNs out of a thief’s hands, but allow businesses or government the means to collect the information needed for the correct person.

  • Since 2001, thirteen cases have been challenged by the commission as to company’s failed attempts to take steps to reasonably protect sensitive information in consumer files.
  • The testimony notes a data broker, ChoicePoint, paid $10 million in civil penalties and $5 million in consumer compensation for identity theft victims because the company allowed identity thieves access to 160,000 consumer files.

Social Security Fraud Case

This particular social security identity theft scam is absolutely crazy, but true.

  • One woman stole another woman’s social security number and then married a man using the identity she stole.

The man was totally unaware of any of this at the time of the marriage.

This caused huge credit problems for her new husband (who later divorced her after only 1 year of marriage) and, of course, caused unheard of credit problems for the person who's ID the thief stole.

  • You think you know your significant other?
Most of us research any major purchase we make such as a car or house.

Most of us research any major purchase we make such as a car or house.

It now makes sense to do the same thing for a person we are considering spending our life with.

You probably think this is a dramatic solution but, believe it or not, it is an extremely smart move if you find you are getting seriously involved with a person or plan to marry the individual.

  • Pay attention to your “gut instinct, especially if you see
    or feel things that just
    don’t add up.

Another Example Of SS Fraud

I was in a store and having to wait quite awhile to have my business taken care of.

There was another woman also in line and while we were waiting, she started to talk to me about identity theft happening to her.

This woman retired after 20 years in the military. When she went to inquire about her social security benefits, she found her benefits had been given to someone else 10 Years Ago! She was never informed of this.

She asked how the social security office could do this, and they said they only do this when a person is deceased.

Excuse Me! Obviously, this woman was still alive.

Of course, she now had to Prove who she was, and that she is Not deceased; i.e., birth certificate, military ID and records, etc.

She then found out when her social security number was re-assigned. It was to an illegal alien.

She said the only thing that saved her identity and from having her credit and life thrown into turmoil was the fact that, as of now, illegals are not given credit cards.

The absolute worst part of this was the fact that she now had to get a Congressional Mandate through a California Congressman. Wow!

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There are so many social security fraud scams being used on us, that the facts have become clear.

No matter what technology you use or what you are doing in life, you can be scammed.

Please take the proper precautions to protect yourself from identity theft.

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If you simply take advantage of a few specific techniques and methods in the beginning, you can rest easy that you've protected your family against this devastating crime.

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Social security fraud has dramatically risen in the last few years and with the tanking of our economy the numbers have gotten even worse. Protect your identity and don't become some thief's next victim.

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