Scam News Identifies Cars
And Wallet Now The Target!

Scam news now uncovers an increase in attacks on cars, pocketbooks and wallets with the sole intent of identity theft.

Scam news: Motor vehicle theft has risen sharply because of economy.

Identity theft has increased in the last few years with the state of the economy having a great deal to do with it.

  • Many people (whether the car is or isn’t locked) make a very common habit of leaving their wallets, pocketbook, etc, in the car/glove compartment.
  • This not only puts your vehicle at risk, but absolutely everything in your life putting your identity up for grabs.

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Thieves love this type of setup. It makes everything so easy for them.

  • All they have to do is break into the car and they have access to your license, credit cards, and anything you’re carrying that has your personal information.
  • Athletic fields, mall parking lots, gym parking lots, parks and all recreational areas are targets with vehicles for the criminal that wants a “quick steal” and an easy get-a-way.

This is one scam news everyone should be aware of:

I found out that a friend of mine was in the bad habit of leaving her purse in the car with something thrown over it.

This is definitely a case of being lulled into that false sense of security.

Robbers are extremely familiar with the fact that people leave important possessions in their car and that explains why this type of theft has gained such momentum.

Scam News Scenarios

Kate and her daughter Tammy went to a 4H Club to swim. Kate is aware that locker rooms in athletic facilities are prime candidates for identity theft scams.

Kate left all credit cards and drivers license in the glove compartment of her car and only took her keys with her into the club.

After Kate and her daughter finished swimming and they got in their car to drive home, Kate realized her license and credit cards were missing from the glove compartment.

Kate immediately cancelled her credit cards, but found someone had already charged thousands of dollars on one of her credit cards.

  • Kate had just become the next victim of identity theft.

Two weeks later Kate received a phone call from a detective in Minnesota, three states away from Kate.

Kate was informed that they found her license and credit card after making a raid on a house and found hundreds of credit cards, electronics and various other stolen items.

Kate informed the detective that she had locked her car thinking her personal information was safe in the glove compartment.

The detective told Kate that thieves have devices that allow them to enter a vehicle, steal one or two credit cards, put everything back where they found it, lock the door and no one is the wiser until it’s too late.

Parked cars are an important piece of scam news to be aware of. This is one of the most favorable and a profitable areas for a thief to target, as it is safer and easier for them.

The detective told Kate they recently broke up a ring that specialized in breaking into cars that were parked at athletic facilities and stole over 450 credit cards.

More than 15 people were arrested and found to have made over 500,000 dollars worth of purchases using stolen credit cards.

Thieves only take one or two credit cards, because they don’t want to draw attention to the fact that the victim has anything missing.

This allows the thief time to charge purchases on the stolen credit cards before the victim cancels them.

The thief is also inclined to buy store gift cards that are very hard to track or big ticket items such as electronics that can be resold.

Scam News Tips To Protect You

  • Instead of your signature on new cards you receive, write “ask for ID” on the back.
  • Never keep anything of value in your car. My motto is, “Out of sight, is out of mind.”
  • Don’t have a false sense of security that throwing something over a valuable you leave in the car is going to stop a thief.

Scam new is extremely important to be aware of to stay informed of all the scams that come around that are new, and the recycling of some of the old scams.

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