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Scam alerts have greatly increased in quantity in the last few years.

Scam alerts: Be aware of all the different ways for identity theft.

One of the most recent scams to hit Americans as of Feb 17th, is the switch from analog to digital TV broadcasting.

This transition has caused so much confusion that it has become a scammer's dream.

TVs that have an “ATSC” marking on the back and most sets sold since 2004 TVs that already have digital-ready tuners, need not take any action.

Also included are subscribers to a satellite or cable service, no matter how old your set.Over 8 million people over 50 and 20 million Americans still have older analog TV sets.

Many receive their signals from rabbit ears or outside antennas.

By Feb 17th, in order to watch television, all of these people will have to purchase a digital-to-analog converter box that connects to the TV set.

The government offered a coupon worth $40 each, up to 2 converter boxes per household, to help offset the cost of the converters which typically ran $50-$70.

Recently, more and more alerts concerning scams and scam warnings have been seen on TV, newspapers, etc, because there was so much confusion and multiple steps required to get the converters.

It definitely made it ripe for scammers and identity theft.

For a multitude of information, go to identity theft scams which are a threat to everyone.

Bob Blancato, is the national coordinator for Elder Justice Coalition, warns against other alerts about these scams besides the digital scams such as bait and switch, work-at-home jobs, phony tax rebates and grant money schemes.

These are expensive “help” scams you don’t need.

Scam Alerts – Bait and Switch

  • Recently issued by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) was a warning on bait-and-switch ads by Universal TechTronics, based on Ohio.
  • The company offered TV channels “free” and converter boxes and services for people that ordered a $59 warranty for their converter called “Miracle ClearView TV" through it's call center.
  • Truth be known, extra channels don’t come free with any converter box.

As the BBB stated, “Miracle ClearView” sells for approximately $20 with a government coupon for $40 in the retail stores.

An official with Universal TechTronics states the company is not authorized to redeem these coupons.

  • He also stated his ads were not misleading intentionally (the ads were recently pulled).
  • Over 200 complaints were received by the BBB this past year. The main complaints were misleading advertising claims.

Check out dangers of online shopping and investment scam for more dangerous scams that can affect you.

Scam Alerts Costly
Help You Don’t Need!

  • Beware of anyone offering to install these converter boxes for a price.
  • These boxes have color-coded cables that correspond to the newer TV sets and are not hard to install.

The store where you bought the box will be more than happy to give you guidance on how to do this.

Scam Alerts – Phony Tax Rebates
And Grant Money

  • This scam has become a very popular one. It claims the U.S. government will offer you “DTV grant money” so you can start a business selling digital TV’s.

These offers usually come in the form of letters or emails. If you receive one,Ignore Them!

  • There is No grant money for these phony scams.
  • Phony tax rebate checks are another scam warning to watch out for.

A neighbor of mine is a police officer and he was telling me that a resident in the area reported he received a $10,000 check along with instructions to forward some of his Own money to the scammer to buy TV’s he could sell.

Here are some street scams to also be aware of.

Scam – Work-At-Home Jobs

  • This scam targets job seekers who post their resumes online.

The scammer then tries to persuade the job seeker to sell new digital TV’s.

  • The “Agents” may be paid with upfront checks that are phony and then asked to forward a portion to receive their inventory. This is similar to the grant money scam.
  • If you need to find more answers to your questions about the switch to DTV, go or call 1-888-388-2009 toll free.

Please be diligent in educating yourself about all the different scam alerts that are important to know about. The scammers are crafty, and new scams surface all the time, so Be Aware.

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