RFID Security Is
Imperative Today!

RFID security – It is crucial to protect yourself from electronic privacy pick pockets.

Did you know a rfid security chip is in your passport? Find out more...

Contactless technology is imbedded in over 100 million credit cards.

RFID stands for radio frequency identification technology allowing you to wave your passport, credit card, or license in front of a scanner instead of sliding the card's magnetic strip through it.

A signal from the electronic scanner is then received by an antenna that is imbedded in the card, connecting it to the card's RFID chip, which in turn activates it.

  • Millions of new passports and credit cards hold tiny two way radios called RFID chips.
  • As of October 2006, by federal mandate, all United States passports issued will come equipped with contactless chips. This chip contains your picture and your other personal information on the first page.
  • This is a hacker's dream. Just by recognizing the way a chip responds to certain scams a hacker can determine the country where a passport comes from without all the data even being read.
  • It is expected within the next few years that all credit card issuers will replace every magnetic strip on every debit and credit card with a new smart card that is contact-less.
  • Readers are used by restaurants, gas stations, pharmacies, convenience and fast food stores.
  • Credit card companies believe you’re safer from identity theft because your credit card never comes in contact with a stranger.
  • It’s taken quite a few years for credit card companies, the press, and us “regular citizens” to recognize the dangers to our privacy and the need for RFID security.
  • Because RFID chips are being used more and more in the business and private sector RFID security is imperative as these chips are now used in healthcare cards, and debit cards.In addition, RFID security is also used by credit card companies such as American Express, Visa and MasterCard, transportation cards, subway fare cards and ID transportation cards, have now all been employing cards that have implemented contact-less smart-card systems.
  • Corporations use these cards to access gates, secure computer systems and areas.

To me, this is a scary proposition and leaves one more area for a thief to attack to gain access to our private, personal information.

  • This gives easy access for criminals to employ what’s being called “electronic pick pocketing”. Wow! Nothing is safe, and that makes us wonder, what's next?
  • Beware! This allows the thief to scan your credit card numbers and all your other personal information without ever touching you.
  • The criminal sends a radio signal from a contact-less card reader to the victim’s antenna, which answers, and then automatically provides the thief all your personal card information.
  • The thief uses the information from your card to make purchases to his hearts content, doing what’s called “sinking the card”.
  • Information such as expiration date, account number and other information is emitted by the RFID chip so it’s paramount that you protect yourself.
  • These readers keep your data safe with features that don’t allow your information from being intercepted once your card has read it.
  • The problem is, these same readers can not only be purchased, but attached to a laptop and very little technical knowledge is required.
  • Almost everyone has a cell phone, and now cell phones have been created with card readers that are built in so that your information is vulnerable to being stolen.

You can stop identity theft, payment fraud and electronic pick pocketing with RFID security products that block the radio waves sending your personal information from your passport, ID cards, and credit cards.

Some of these products protect cell phones and wallets with all your credit cards, ID cards and badges.

One company selling products to provide RFID security is IDstronghold.com. If you give this a try, please let me know what you think.

RFID security is critical to protect you from the ravages of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Stay safe and secure with products that protect your personal information.

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Take great care, the Rfid chip in your passport is a hackers dream. Make sure you take security measures to block this radio wave in any of your credit cards, passports, health care cards etc, that have these Rfid chips in them. This is just another way for a thief to steal your identity.

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