Quick Scams For Money
Thieves Line Their Pockets!

Quick scams for money have become a very popular con artist scam and identity theft problem, a large part due to the devastation to our economy.

A repair handyman can be quick scams for money.
  • We now have thieves whose specialty is crime in the form of what is called a "Roving Repairman".
  • Beware of anyone that comes to your door and offers a special deal to “fix” anything around your house.
  • Many times the crook with pick on older couples, older singles or widows for their victims.

One crook will keep the victim occupied while the other crook roams around the house, checking out what valuables you have and what they want to steal and what information they can find for the purpose of identity theft.

  • I know someone this happened to, and the thief stole her wedding ring set and many other jewelry items that totaled over $20,000 dollars.
  • Scam Warnings – Beware! These men were part of a roving team of “Travelers” that are a network of con artists that specialize in quick scams for money.
  • They offer what is called “drive by promises”, cheap home repairs, or pretend to be servicemen from local utility companies.
  • These quick scams for money have become such a huge problem because these cons have created what has literally become a family of scammers that go from town-to-town, state-to-state, offering to do any type of home repairs you may need for a low price.
  • One trick is to tell the victim that it is imperative for the work to be done right away.
  • Their work is poorly done and, in most cases, they use oil as driveway sealant, which will wash away at the first rain and also water down any paint used.
  • The real purpose behind doing all these small odd jobs is to get access to the inside of your house and steal important papers, jewelry or anything else of
    value that the thief can lay their hands on.
  • Many times, after the work is started, the thief will raise the price stating they were only quoting the labor and any materials would be an extra charge.

Be careful! If you argue or object to these scammers, you can be in real danger. These thieves have been known to be very aggressive and intimidating.

Legitimate contractors and repairmen do Not come knocking on your door to find their business. Reputable and good contractors are busy enough that they don’t have to quote low-ball prices for their work.

Quick Scams For Money – Tips

  • These “Travelers” very often speak in what is called Cant. This is there own secret language.

They also use last names such as Holden, Stanley and Cooper, Small, Harrison and claim an English, German, Scottish, Romanian or Irish heritage.

  • The trucks they use more than likely have out-of-state license plates.
  • If they do have a business name, it’s normally a very generic one such as ABC Paving, or Asphalt Paving.

The names are spelled out in vinyl or stick-on lettering.

  • Many of the trucks also haul trailers. It makes the whole scam look more legitimate.
  • Be aware of these scam alerts as these thieves are also known to travel around to the same areas year after year.
  • “Travelers” will very rarely have licenses. Legitimate contractors carry their licenses with them.
  • Immediately call the police if you are approached by a drive-by-repairman.
  • Go online to the Office of District Attorney for Colorado’s 4th Judicial District, at dao2.elpasoco.com, click on “Consumer Alerts and Tips” and then on “Gypsies or Travelers – home repair for more information.

Be very careful and aware of how these quick scams for money work.

There are so many different types of scams in this day and age; it pays to become informed for your own safety.

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As you can see, quick scams for money are just that; quick and scams. They scam you out of your money and are so quick about it you don't even know it happens until it's too late. Be alert for these scams and don't allow yourself to be their next victim.

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