Psychic Scams
Have You Ever Been
A Victim Of One?

Psychic scams are everywhere. They advertise in the newspapers, magazines, by mail, and the web is loaded with different psychic sites online.

The number of people victimized from psychic scams is on the increase.

Many people rely very heavily on the advice they receive from these people.

Many people that have been taken in by these con artist scams are too embarrassed to take any action or do anything about it.

Believe me when I say, you are not the only one to be a victim of these types of psychic scams.

It has happened to thousands. Just don’t fall for it again.

There is a very well known psychic called Maria Duval. This is a phony name used, along with many company names I have listed below.

This psychic sends out numerous mailings, and many to the sameperson, one after another after another.

I can attest to this because, years ago, I got mailing after mailing from this person.

For the fun of it, I picked one of the cheap options and sent my check just to see what would happen.

This psychic cashed the check and I never received the product in return.

Surprise! I never expected anything different, but thought I would just give it a shot to see if I got any type of response.

It took over 45 days to get any kind of response.

This is one of the longest running psychic scams I know about.

I would receive 3-5 mailings a week from this psychic trying to get me to purchase more readings or items.

Back in the years I did this, we really hadn’t heard much about identity theft or privacy issues.

Identity theft was far and few between and very seldom ever mentioned, however this scam is a perfect set-up for you to become a victim not only of this psychic, but also identity theft.

What a scammer this person is. Many times this psychic will send a letter to you stating you will win some type of jackpot or the lottery within 60 or 90 days.

All you have to do is specify how you want to acquire your wealth; winning at a casino, lottery game, bingo, etc, and this psychic will provide you with the winning numbers.

Right! If only it was that easy!

  • One person I know that tried this “system” selected lottery and sent in her check for $35.00 in a return envelope that was provided.
  • The psychic was supposed to provide the days to play and what winning numbers to play.
  • The address she sent her check to was in Everett, Mass, which turned out to be a UPS store.

For years, I received 3 to 5 mailings a week from this psychic, trying to drum up more business. Of course I didn’t do it.

I had already “tested” this out and found it to be a scam.

What I found interesting was the fact that this psychic used All different P.O. boxes and addresses.

I’ve never seen so many different ones used. This was definitely a con.

  • Research shows this company operates out of at least 5 addresses in the United States, all rental mail-collection stores and other rental mail-collection facilities.

Receiving that many mailings a week was very frustrating, but I think that is what drew my attention to the many return addresses used.

  • I later learned this psychic had thousands of complaints, so I am sure this is one reason for all the addresses.
  • This is called a classic “sucker list” mail scam.

Once you express an interest in a particular scam, you are inundated with other scam information.

  • The whole point of these psychic scams is to collect the suckers list to pass among other scammers.
  • Many people send check after check trying to win health, wealth, luck, etc.

This psychic also sells “gems”, magical pendants and health cures, of course for a reduced price.

  • Authorities believe these solicitations come from a mail order marketing firm with various names such as the National Parapsychology Center, (this is one of the names used on a mailing I received years ago), Guardian Angel, Bio Science Health and Beauty Center, Direct Health Organization and are a few of over 20 names that are phony, including Maria Duval.
  • The Company operates in Australia, New Zealand and Europe, but is believed to be based in Canada.
  • All the phone numbers have been disconnected. These are all psychic scams.
  • These firms compile or buy mailing lists and often sell them to many other scammers.

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Psychic Scams Tips

  • Any mail with offers that sound to good too be true, usually are, so rip them up or, better yet, shred them.

Your name and address is used often in these advertisements, so you want to make sure these are not accessible to identity theft thieves.

  • If you get phone calls that promise to predict your future, offer prosperity or miracle cures, Hang Up!
  • You can also contact your state attorney general’s office.

Joe Corrado of the United States Postal Inspection Service is pursuing legal action against the Maria Duval Firm and advises recipients of such solicitations to contact their local USPIS office.

Go to to find yours or check your yellow pages.

Joe says they have a database that tracks these mailings that constitute mail fraud.

These offers are nothing more than psychic scams so, Do Not respond to these offers.

  • To gain more knowledge go to mystery shopping scams to learn more.
  • To learn more about these devastating crimes, please go to identity theft scams to have more knowledge about how and what to protect yourself from.

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