Protection Against Identity Theft Is Essential For Your Health!

Protection against identity theft is imperative in this day and age.

In todays world protection against identity theft is a must do!

Added to the fact that identity theft is now one of the fastest growing crimes of our times, is the additional stress of our tanking economy.

It’s not surprising that the crime rate has taken a huge leap.

Unfortunately, next year doesn’t look much better and, because of this forecast, the banks are very inflexible.

Businesses have been closing or cutting employees, credit card companies are not extending credit, employment lines are outrageous, and the people that are lucky enough to have a job find their hours and pay are being cut.

I have family members this has happened to. On an average, that means a salary cut of $200-$300 dollars or more a month, and that really hurts the average family.

Over the last few years identity theft has risen sharply, but has gotten much more prevalent because of the economic crisis.

Everyone needs to be even more knowledgeable about protection against identity theft. Car jacking, robberies, shoplifting and purse snatching have taken a sharp rise.

Thieves love to target wallets and credit cards but some of their very favorite objects to attack are websites in the form of phishing scams. Make sure you make purchases on secure websites.

Just think of the amount of checks you write every month.

You pay rent, charge accounts, (even paying online can leave you vulnerable), buy groceries, purchase items at the mall, WalMart or Target and most people don’t even think twice about this.

Unfortunately for us, the thieves do! If you become a victim of identity theft it can cost thousands of dollars, many months, even years to undo what the thief did and ruin our credit.

Protection against identity theft is urgently important. Keep your personal information safe and be aware of the areas that are the most vulnerable to you.

Criminals are using so many types of identity theft and identity theft scams to attack us, it’s to your advantage to be aware of them so you can protect yourself from becoming a victim.

Tips For Protection
Against Identity Theft

  • Your personal information is vulnerable and available to identity thieves in many forms.
  • The thief is able to gain access through your mail, credit card and bank statements, those new checks you have mailed to your house, IRS tax information that comes in the mail and credit card offers.
  • New credit card accounts can be opened in your name. The thief will charge up a storm and never pay the bill (of course), and your credit is destroyed.
  • They can write bad checks on new bank accounts they’ve opened in your name.
  • The pre-approved credit card offers you receive in the mail make you extremely open for identity theft. In this case, protection against identity theft is easy; go to stop junk mail for the solution to this problem.

Always check your bank and credit card statements to make sure nothing is going on that you don’t know about.

Make sure you have your blank checks delivered to your Bank, not your house. Most mailboxes are extremely vulnerable and easily accessible to theft.

  • Protection against identity theft became extremely important to a friend of mine that lived in an apartment.

He didn’t even know his identity had been stolen until the mailman happened to mention that a change of address card had been in his mailbox and the mailman was sure he wasn’t moving.

The thief had stolen his checks and wiped out his checking account (he had just deposited his paycheck), and tried to divert his mail to another address.

Thank goodness the mailman gave him a “heads up”!

It took many months of time and money before this whole thing was cleared up. See identity theft victims and reporting identity theft for complete steps to take if this happens to you.

  • Business’s and other public organizations have access to your personal information.

I’m sure you’ve heard in the last few years on the news, business’s have had their information and records accessed and stolen by employees, who in turn victimized hundreds and thousands of people by stealing their identity.

  • Thieves also love to hack into systems to gain access to personal information.

When you purchase items online, make sure the sight is secure, such as showing a VeriSign.

  • Many times identity theft happens by thieves poising as an employer, landlord or other person that would normally have legitimate access to that kind of information.
  • ”Dumpster diving” has become a very popular way for identity theft.

A thief will go through the garbage of apartment complexes, business’s and other places that give easy access to people’s personal information.

Always shred anything with your personal information before you throw it in the trash.

Go to dumpster-diving to learn more.

  • Your purse or wallet can be stolen. If you leave your wallet in your car, in the glove compartment, all the thief has to do is break into your car and your wallet is gone.

Keep your purse secure on your body. Many people walk with the strap of the purse over one shoulder and completely open.

All a good thief has to do is “pick” your wallet right out of your purse and you won’t even know what happened until its too late.

  • Always keep your purse zippered shut.
  • Protection against identity theft also includes never carrying your Social Security card in your wallet or purse. Only carry it when needed for a new job, etc.

If you become a victim of this devastating crime you need to take certain steps to protect yourself from having the thief’s actions continue.

  • Place fraud alerts on your credit reports. For specific steps, go to credit freeze.
  • Close any fraudulently opened accounts.
  • File a police report in the jurisdiction where the identity theft took place.
  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Go to, or call toll-free: 1-877-438-4338.

See documenting your identity theft case for imperative step-by-step tips for you to do if you become a victim of identity theft.

Protection against identity theft is of the utmost importance for everyone. Because of the scope of this insidious crime you must become knowledgeable about the ways this crime can happen and how to protect yourself.

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