New Scams To
Steal Your Identity!

New scams have been surfacing and show scammers are becoming more and more inventive in ways to steal everything you’ve worked for and make you a victim of identity theft scams.

Shredded identity theft new scams.

Not helping is the crash of our economy.

  • Identity theft has sharply risen in the last few years because it’s harder for people to meet the high cost of living.

People are becoming more desperate in finding ways to make money…even if it is illegal and destroys others.

Do you know how your identity is vulnerable and what to do to protect yourself?

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Here are a few of the new scams making the rounds that involve the credit card scam and cell phones, so be aware.

New Scams Number 1

A friend of mine named Al, took a group of colleagues out to lunch and paid the bill with his credit card.

Al signed the bill for the meal, handed it back to the server; the server folded the receipt and passed the credit card to my friend.

Normally, Al would put the receipt and card in his pocket or wallet.

This time Al didn’t follow his usual pattern and happened to glance at his credit card.

Guess what? The card was expired and belonged to someone else!

Al told the server what happened and she was as confused as he was as to how this happened.

The server apologized and rushed back to the counter while Al watched.

The server just walked back to the counter, flashed the wrong expired credit card to the cashier at the counter, who immediately looked down and produced the real card.

Not a word was said between the server and cashier. The server came back to Al, gave him his card and apologized.

  • Make sure you check the name on the credit card every single time you sign for anything and/or whenever the card leaves your hands for even the shortest period of time.
  • Many people “assume” a credit card is theirs when it is handed back to them.
  • Always double check!

New Scams Number 2

New scams involving cell phones are becoming extremely common place and are important for you to be aware of and take precautions to protect yourself from.

One of my family members manages an apartment building and had a tenant, I’ll call her Lynn, tell her about a scary scenario that happened to her the other day.

Watch out! Cell phones can be used to make you a victim of id theft.

Lynn went to a well known pizza chain for an order she phoned in.

Lynn paid with one of her credit card that directly links to her checking account.

The server took Lynn’s card, swiped it and laid the card on the counter until the purchase was approved.

So far all the actions taken have been pretty much standard procedure.

While Lynn waited for the transaction to be approved she noticed the server took out his cell phone to make a call.

Fortunately, Lynn was aware of this going on, and paid even more attention when she heard a click from the cell phone that sounded just like Lynn’s phone when she takes a picture.

The server then handed Lynn’s credit card back to her but kept his cell phone in his hand like he was still pressing the buttons.

It took Lynn a few minuets to figure out exactly what he was taking picture of.

Did you guess what was happening?

At this point, the server placed his phone on the counter and left it open.

A few seconds later the phone made a chiming sound that lets you know a picture has been saved.

To Lynn’s horror she realized the server had just taken a picture of her credit card.

As soon as Lynn left the establishment she immediately cancelled her credit card.

  • If Lynn hadn’t been aware of what was going on around her, she would more than likely have missed this whole scam and become the server’s next victim.
  • I don’t know if this person called the police or talked to the manager, but I would have been inclined to do both to stop this person from scamming more people and stealing their identity.

New Scams Number 3

I know an acquaintance named Sue that went to a local exercise establishment and put her personal items in a locker that is provided for the customers.

After exercising Sue took a shower and, when she was finished, she noticed her locker where she placed her personal items was open.

Sue positively knew she had remembered to lock it.

Sue finished dressing and then checked her purse and wallet to make sure everything was there and alright.

Everything seemed fine and all Sue’s credit cards were accounted for.

About a month passed and Sue received a credit card bill for almost $10,000. How in the world could something like this happen?

Sue contacted the credit card company and told them what happened and she certainly had Not made any purchase, much less one for almost $10,000.

Customer service verified the system had not made a mistake and questioned Sue as to whether the credit card had been stolen.

Sue told the person the card had not been stolen and pulled out her wallet to double check.

Lo and behold the credit card that she pulled out had been switched! The card Sue had belonged to someone else.

The reason she didn’t notice was because at a quick glance the card was from the same bank and similar enough that the switch wasn’t obvious.

Someone had broken into Sue’s locker when she was exercising and switched the cards.

Not knowing the card was switched, Sue did not report the card stolen.

Because the card had not been reported stolen, the credit card company said Sue was responsible for the whole amount.

Sue is in the process of fighting this decision, as I report this.

  • Purchasing items with small amounts rarely sets off a trigger to the merchant/credit card company.
  • The first thing I would want to know was why the credit card company hadn’t verified such a large amount?
  • It turns out that Many small purchases, whose amounts didn’t need verification, were made to make up the total $10,000 bill.


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It pays to always be alert to new scams making the rounds. Always keep an eye on what is going on around you and how your card is being used.

You may be surprised how many scams are happening where and when you least expect them.

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