Most Stolen Vehicles!
What Increases A Car's
Chance To Be Stolen?

The most stolen vehicles list has named California as the top metropolitan area that has the highest rate of motor vehicle theft.

Is yours one of the most stolen vehicles?

Ouch!!! I happen to be from California so this is a sad statistic to have.

Having a California license plate actually increases the chances of having your car stolen, per the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s data.

  • Approximately 750,000 to 1 million cars in America are stolen every year.

One of the main reasons the numbers are so large is cars are stolen for their parts as the body of the cars don’t change much from year to year.

Many parts can be interchanged from one make of car to another.

Motor vehicle theft and identity theft have much in common and it doesn’t care what your race, age, or financial status. It can happen to anyone.

  • If your car is stolen you will also need to be concerned about identity theft.

Most people keep not only their registration but other items lying around that have personal information on them.

  • Your registration has you name and address for starters, and that’s all a criminal needs to find out where you live and, more than likely, will be able to gain access to your house and all your personal papers, credit cards and belongings. This includes the expensive “toys” in your garage.

Go to how to prevent identity theft to become aware of some ways to protect yourself against identity theft.

  • California may hold the top spot for the most stolen vehicles, but Washington holds the next two spots.
  • Anti-theft technology has improved and efforts of law enforcement have made a sizeable impact on thefts.

Our economy tanking has also not helped. Hopefully, the state and government agencies will not cut any more from the services that are imperative to our well being, as gangs and professional thieves in California are particularly active at this time.

  • Most stolen vehicles wind up going to Mexico to be sold or shipped in containers to Asia.
  • The ports used are Los Angeles, Oakland and Long Beach and, with the cutbacks we already have to local law enforcement that also have units that specialize in car theft, it becomes understandable.

One of my friends is an insurance company investigator and he stated that, because of our economy tanking and gas prices going through the roof, people don’t want to purchase a new car but will repair the one they have.

This is one of the main reasons for the demand for car parts. Older cars that don’t have anti-theft devices are a much easier target for thieves.

Even the Midwest has been hit by this wave of crime. The second half of the top 20 states included Detroit, MI, Myrtle Beach, S.C. and Macon, GA.

The rural areas of smaller cities tend to be the least likely to have auto theft.

For a complete list of ways to protect your vehicles, RV’s, boats, etc go to motor vehicle theft.

20 Worst Areas For
The Most Stolen Cars

The following are in order of highest stolen cars to lowest stolen crime areas.

  • Fresno, California
  • Modesto, California
  • Bakersfield-Delano, California
  • Spokane, Washington
  • Vallejo-Fairfield, California
  • Sacramento, California/area
  • Stockton, California
  • Visalia-Porterville, California
  • San Francisco-Oakland, California/area
  • Yakima, Washington
  • Laredo, Texas
  • Detroit, Michigan/area
  • Seattle, Washington/area
  • Macon, Georgia
  • San Diego, California/area
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina/area
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, California
  • Jackson, Mississippi
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico

It doesn’t matter what area you live in or if your area is on the list, you need to take the proper steps to protect everything you’ve worked so hard for all your life.

The more difficult you make it for a thief to steal your car, the most likely the criminal is to move on to an easier target.

Buy the Auto Lock, club, or tire claw to discourage motor vehicle theft.

Years ago, I used the club on my classic car, but I soon learned that the criminals figured out how to by-pass this.

All they had to do was cut through the steering wheel.

The Auto-Lock then came on the scene. This is the one I use now and it's probably one of the most secure items for your car you can invest in.

Install an anti-theft alarm if you don’t have one. A decal in the window that warns you have one is also a good deterrent.

Many of the recent cars, SUV’s and trucks have a system that is built in that kills the engine and prevents it from starting unless the computer in the engine gets a signal from a key that matches precisely.

Older cars can also have a kill switch installed. The circuitry of the engine is disrupted unless the switch is turned on.

The switch is hidden in a place that is reachable for the driver, but in a place not easily found by a thief.

The 10 Most Stolen
Vehicles In America

Highest car or truck stolen to lowest;

  • 1994 Honda Accord
  • 1995 Honda Civic
  • 1991 Toyota Camry
  • 1997 Ford F-150 Pickup
  • 2004 Dodge Ram Pickup
  • 2000 Dodge Caravan
  • 1994 Chevrolet Pickup
  • 1994 Acura Integra
  • 2002 Ford Explorer
  • 1994 Nissan Sentra

Identity theft can happen anytime, any place and anywhere. Protect yourself from becoming the next victim.

Keep knowledgeable and educated on all the ways identity theft can happen, and more so if your car is listed on the most stolen vehicles list, or you live in one of the listed cities.

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