Michelle Brown Identity Theft
You Won't Believe What Happened To Her!

The Michelle Brown identity theft case was, and still is, one of the most nightmarish id theft cases we have heard of because of all the national coverage it received.

No one is safe from identity theft. This has absolutely no boundaries!

Michelle Brown is a young Caucasian woman, 29 years old, and a UC college graduate.

At the time Michelle discovered she was the victim of identity theft, she had been employed for 7 years in the international banking industry.

Early in January of 1999, Michelle discovered that she had become a victim of identity theft and had been for the last 18 months or so, but had just become aware of that fact.

The culprit responsible for this crime of id theft was a woman by the name of Heddi Larae Ille.

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Ille is a Caucasian woman in her early 30's and is currently serving state and federal time for all the horrible illegal crimes she committed against Michelle while using her name.

Michelle is 5'9" in height and weighs 125 lbs, where as Heddi is 5'7" and 200 lbs.

Even though they looked nothing alike, were different in height and weight, this woman was still able to use Michelle's identity for numerous crimes for an extended period.

In the 18 months this crime was happening, all of Michelle's personal information and records were flagrantly used to purchase over $50,000 of items such as;

  • products and services
  • rented properties
  • purchased a vehicle
  • medical procedures
  • phone services
  • drivers license

All total, Ille What really was beyond belief, was the fact that Ille engaged in the federal criminal activity of drug trafficking while using Michelle's identity.

Michelle had to spend hundreds of hours, money, and loss of peace of mind to try to untangle this web that Ille wove to try to regain her identity and life.

She filled out numerous affidavits and statements, made phone calls by the thousands, had to notarized documents, and file all the correct papers.

On top of all this Michelle had to continually stay active and diligent, all in an attempt to clear her criminal record, her credit rating, and her name, and to right this wrong done to her.

It is so easy to lose your identity and everything you've worked so hard for, but it is no easy matter to try to restore what's been stolen from you.

Fraudulent Activities In Michelle Brown Identity Theft Case

Throughout the ordeal of trying to restore her name and credit, Michelle came to the conclusion that the person who was impersonating her and had stolen her identity, absolutely did Not care in the least that they had devastated someone's life.

This thief had no conscience or second thought as to what they were doing, or the consequence of their action.

These are some of the fraudulent actions that were perpetuated by Heddi in the Michelle Brown identity theft case from the beginning of January 1998 to mid June of 2000.

Heddi's criminal activities run the gambit and include;

All types of identity theft are used to make you a victim.
  • Heddi stole a rental application from the property management office of Michelle’s landlord. Heddi and the landlord were acquaintances at one point and time.
  • Set up telephone service for a residential property in Los Angeles, which was turned off after 4 months due to late fees and unpaid charges.

Michelle only found out about this because it was finally reported on her credit report.

  • A wireless phone service was set up at Michelle’s current address and promptly switched to another address. The phone company disconnected the phone when they realized the account was fraudulent.
  • Unfortunately, Michelle was never informed about this criminal activity due to the phone companies’ fraud determination.
  • Heddi tried to get financing for a Timeshare, but was never activated. Heddi later spent 45 days for this separate fraud charge.
  • A credit card was attempted and denied with Target.
  • OMG! Heddi was even able to obtain a driver’s license that was a duplicate that used Michelle’s name and driver’s license, but had a different address, and with the criminal’s picture.

The DMV actually issued this woman the license even though the height and weight were noticeably different.

The only thing that made this easier for Michelle to clear her name and credit was the fact that the finger prints do not match and showed she clearly was a victim of identity theft.

  • Heddi rented several properties in Michelle’s name.
  • One of the biggest purchases shown in the Michelle Brown identity theft case made by Heddi, and in Michelle’s name was a 2000 Dodge Ram Quad Cab pick-up that had a sticker price of $32,000.
  • Heddi also opened a line of credit using Michelle’s name to pay for almost $5,000 of liposuction, of which Heddi paid $1,400.
  • Michelle was contacted by a rep. from the bank where the Dodge pick-up was purchased and she told them she had not purchased a truck.

She found out all the application information used to lease this truck was her information, as was the social security number.

  • At this point and time, Michelle proceeded to put a fraud alert on all her accounts through the 3 credit bureaus, cancelled all her credit cards. promptly filed a police report, contacted the Social Security Agency, Postmaster and U.S. Passport Agency, etc.
  • Michelle also put a higher level of security on all her bank accounts and put what is called a “pink flag” fraud alert on her license number.
  • She also alerted the DMV that this was a duplicate license using all her personal information.

This nightmare just kept gaining speed and going on and on, with what appeared to be endless in stress, frustration, anger, sadness, emotional upheaval, lack of sleep and appetite, all the while trying to continue to make a living and in the process, still trying to clear her name and credit.

I have had identity theft tried on me and was able to put a stop to it before it became out of hand to this degree.

What I experienced was bad enough, but having all the attacks stated in the Michelle Brown identity theft case that she contended with, is just unbelievable!

This is truly one of the worst and most complicated identity theft horror stories I believe we have heard about at this point and time.

No One should experience this type of nightmare and existence. The only person that should have had any say in any area of Michelle’s life should have been Michelle.

  • Michelle Brown Identity Theft - 1999-Mid-Jan. One of the detectives working on Michelle’s case actually is able to acquire Heddi’s number to her pager. When he calls, Heddi answer’s the page which has identified her as Michelle.

The detective tells Heddi that he know who she really is and she needs to give herself up and turn herself in to the police.

Heddi agrees to do this, on this, and several more occasions, but never does. Consequently, an arrest warrant is issued and her bond is set at $750,000.

  • Heddi identifies herself as Michelle to the DEA when she is arrested for smuggling 3,000 lbs. of pot in Texas.

Because of the arrest being recorded in Michelle’s name, her name is also listed as the informant for the DEA.

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After all the illegal identity theft and various crimes Heddi has committed, she slips through the system and is set free, even though Michelle’s driver’s license and name were flagged with fraud since the early part of 1999.

Don't become a Michelle Brown identity theft case. It can cost you your name and credit.

Heddi was still at large and had an outstanding warrant in Texas.

Michelle had a 2 week vacation planned and was supposed to go out of the country.

Michelle wrote the detective and contacted the police to run her information through the system in the county/city where the warrant was issued to try to clear her name before she had to leave on vacation.

No closure was obtained. Michelle thought the warrant was a local county one, but found out later it was a federal felony warrant.

  • Michelle Brown Identity Theft - July of 1999 Heddi was in a suicidal state of mind and made a phone call to an acquaintance that immediately turned her in.
  • When the police arrested her she was found to have not only drugs, but melded down credit cards imprinted with Michelle’s name, and a driver’s license with Michelle’s name.
  • Heddi was arrested on 13 criminal counts.

Michelle Brown Identity Theft - In September of 99’ Michelle was coming back from a trip to Cabo San Lucas and was detained for over an hour in Los Angeles Airport by Customs and Immigration as she tried to explain her criminal record that was brought up when her passport was swiped through the computer.

Fortunately for Michelle, she not only carried all her documentation of police and court records, but was able to call the detective that handled the Michelle Brown identity theft case to verify who she really was and to vouch for her.

Only because the detective vouched for her was Michelle able to leave. That’s great, but she was without a doubt that her name was in the system as a criminal, and this would forever follow her and be a link to this woman that stole her identity.

I can’t imagine the terror of being arrested, much less arrested in another country where you can’t speak the language, and you run the risk of being imprisoned for, who knows how long.

Even if you speak the language of the country you travel to, you are Still crossing the U.S. Border. I don’t think there is much that’s scarier than that!

Because of this fear, Michelle’s travels have Not taken her out of the country. Good Idea!

Even though Heddi had been arrested by the police and was awaiting trial, and a lookout for “Michelle” was posted in the system by the DEA, Michelle would have to be aware that this type of action and re-action could happen anywhere, at anytime.

My gosh! Would this nightmare ever end? Who would have thought it would be so easy to steal an identity and so very hard to ever get it back again.

  • Michelle Brown Identity Theft - September 1999, Heddi is convicted of 3 counts of felony, grand theft, possession of stolen property and perjury. Notice that the specific charge of identity theft and impersonation was Not what Heddi was convicted of.

These charges carried a punishment of 2 years for each count and would be served consecutively.

This is totally crazy…

  • Sometime within Oct/Nov of 1999, Heddi is sent to the Chicago Federal Prison and is booked into this prison under Michelle’s name. When does this ludicrousness end?

Heddi even sent outgoing letters with Michelle’s name. Michelle contacted the DA and he told her he would take care of it, but was never able to provide proof to the fact.

  • Michelle Brown Identity Theft - In June of 2000 Heddi also received an additional 73 months in federal prison for the possession of the 3,000 lbs. of pot with the intent to distribute. Heddi’s sentence was also extended because of lying to the federal magistrate.
  • She received a reduced sentence from the 110 months for providing government assistance. Michelle believed Heddi was tied to a big time drug smuggling ring.

Michelle was never allowed to know the entire specific’s of the Michelle Brown Identity Theft case, even though her name was used for these crimes, but found out there were numerous defendants in the case.

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No one should ever have to be afraid they will “lose themselves” to identity theft. This is a living nightmare and a horrible way to live…to be in constant fear.

If nothing else, the Michelle Brown identity theft case should prompt you to become informed and to take proper steps to become diligent to keep yourself safe from becoming a victim of identity theft.

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