Medical ID Theft
This Can Happen To You!

Medical id theft not only allows your medical information to be stolen, it steals your identity.

Do you know how medical id theft works and it can take everything you own?

I don’t think any of us ever thought that our medical files could possibly be the cause of identity theft and jeopardize everything we have.

Health insurance scams have become a Huge business.

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I heard of a case of financial ruin that began when Jenny placed an ad in a magazine and became a victim of medical id theft.

While Jenny was placing her ad she was asked for her Social Security number and date of birth to verify her check.

Unfortunately, Jenny gave this woman her information.

As luck would have it, the sales person for this magazine was a career criminal and on parole.

This is another example of identity theft.

The ex-convict needed gallbladder surgery and used Jenny’s identity to check herself into a suburban hospital and proceeded to have the surgery done.

  • Here’s the Big problem. Jenny did Not have medical insurance and received a $49,000 dollar hospital bill for this procedure.
  • Jenny also found out, at a later date, that the con that stole her identity had died a few months later.

Jenny went to the hospital and explained the situation and even offered to show as proof that she did not have a scar from any type of surgery.

Jenny explained she was the victim of medical id theft and the hospital still gave her a very hard time.

Jenny wanted to review the folder of the imposter that had Jenny’s name on it, but the hospital wouldn’t allow it because of federal privacy laws.

  • They wouldn’t even reveal the type of surgery the imposter had.
  • It was over a year of struggling with the hospital before they finally waived the bill. Jenny had her own business, owned a house and had much to lose.

Jenny tried to get a loan for her business, but was turned down at every bend of the road because of the black mark this medical id theft scam left on her name.

She had to pay the highest interest rate in order to get a loan. This scammer absolutely destroyed Jenny’s name and credit.

Learn another way your medical records information puts you in jeopardy through copy machine identity theft.

Almost 255,000 Americans have been affected by someone stealing their identity for medical care.

  • This is just another version of identity theft.
  • The greatest risk is to people 50 and older because they have some type of insurance issued by the government such as Medicaid or Medicare.
  • The scammers find this type of theft hard to pass up. The system is automated and so large that medical insurance fraud alerts are really not done by the government.

Whether you have no medical insurance or any type of insurance, medical id theft can bring financial devastation.

You can not only have your name and credit ruined, but can lose your home and business and wind up thousands of dollars in debt.

Another big worry is getting improper treatment, or be denied a certain treatment based on the scammer’s health history.

You could also be given prescriptive medications that you are allergic to or that may react on any other medications you are on.

This could also cause you to be denied disability or life insurance. Now That's scary!

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How Medical ID Theft Happens

  • A health clinic is bought out, often by organized crime, and is then staffed with corrupt doctors that prey on seniors to get access to their personal information and insurance.
Medical id theft can cause you huge problems.
  • Run quickly if you see an unknown clinic that offers free medical checkups.
  • Another method of identity theft occurs when moles get hired by legitimate medical practices and they copy patient files.
  • Scammers are also able to gain personal information of a victim when they go through the trash outside the medical office.

Top dollar is received for selling someone’s insurance data and medical file on the black market.

Protect Yourself From Medical
ID Theft With These Tips

  • Make sure you check all correspondence from all medical insurers. Look for any treatments listed that you didn’t receive.
  • Make sure you also look over the items you receive that say “This Is Not a Bill”.
  • Have your doctor make copies of everything that is in your medical file and make sure you keep your file updated. This provides a paper trail that protects you.
  • You can also see who has accessed your records by asking for an “accounting of disclosure”.
  • Ask for a list of all payments, once a year, made in your name, to check for any changes to your billing address made by a thief.
  • If you suspect identity theft or note errors, immediately call the billing department of your physician and ask them to amend your file.
  • If you receive Medicaid or Medicare Services, contact your regional office for these services ( and your state attorney general’s office.
  • Be diligent in monitoring your credit reports with all the credit bureaus, Experian, TransUnion and Equifax to check for any medical debts.

Take the correct steps that will protect you against medical id theft and will keep you and everything you’ve worked for safe.

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