List Of Social Networking Sites Which Ones Do You Know?

The list of social networking sites has grown to be a phenomenon that covers the globe and includes all cultures.

Check out my list of social networking sites.

There are also many dangers of social networking to be aware of before you post any personal information.

At this time, Facebook has surpassed MySpace as the leader of social networking sites.

To register you must be at least 13 years of age.

For more safety tips, see dangers of social networking for more information.

List Of Social Networking Sites Facebook

This network is composed of countless separate networks that are based around regions, businesses and schools.

The website design of Facebook is very straight forward.

Registration is open to the public, but caters to the high school and college crowd as it did when it was first started and was accessed by invitation only.

A users profile allows them to post, blog, comment, photos and apps.

Facebook has worldwide over 350 million members and continues to grow.

Facebook also has some of the most secure privacy options which protect a person from identity theft and other criminal activity.

Facebook allows you to reconnect with friends you may have lost touch with and encourages the site be used in this fashion.

Depending on the social network your friends use will probably determine which one you use.

List Of Social Networking Sites Myspace

This social networking site is one of the most well known sites and has over 109 million members.

Your neighbor, friends, and even movie stars use MySpace.

Pages typically include pictures, biography, online diary or journal.

Members share music, play games, share and watch videos, join chat rooms, scan the classifieds, search listings for jobs, invite their friends to visit their page.

Anyone 14 or older may register with MySpace. Always read the tips on safety before signing up for ANY social networking site.

A few years ago Friendster was one of the most popular online sites with the social networking community, but got knocked out of it’s first place slot by MySpace in 2004.


Friendster was started in 2002 and privately owned. It remains so to this day and is a safe and great place to hang out.

You can keep a blog, chat with friends, and meet new friends.

Members can also view classifieds by the country that lists events, resumes, jobs, reviews, people’s items for sale, business and housing services.

The greatest safety option of this site is being able to keep your profile private and making them available to the people of your choice. It is also available to every member.

This option can keep you safe from identity theft and many other unpleasant incidents that now happen online to a very large degree.


Orkut is a Google affiliate and a social network. Members can share messages and pictures.

You are able to become a member through a new account, or through your existing Google account.

Members are also able to locate other members that share the same interests.

List Of Social Networking Sites Myyearbook

This particular social networking site was created by teen siblings to help keep high school friends in touch with each other.

Two of the high school siblings operated the site for their friends, but were able to convince their older brother (an investor, and Harvard educated) to furnish $250,000 in their business. Wow! Cool brother!

A profile is created by it’s members, and this allows you to add school classes, create a locker to hold mp3’s, photo’s, form clubs, groups, post forum’s, take polls, post blogs, and maintain personal calendars etc.

Today, the site is used around the world and has almost 2 million members. The site is still owned by the original siblings, David and Catherine Cook.


This social network is becoming extremely popular and is surpassing $50,000,000 members.

Members are able to meet new friends worldwide, keep in touch with old friends, create and explore content posted to the site, receive and send messages, view, post and rate pictures and videos, download and upload music, create, or join a group and find members from their school days (all listed by state).


This site is a safe social network for kids ages 8 to 14. This is a free site, but they ensure parental approval by requiring a parent supple a credit card account.

Members are able to create an avatar, create blogs, share photo’s and receive and send messages.


This is a great social network that allows you to find and reconnect with your high school, college and military friends.

Start with a free membership to see who’s missing from your graduation class, build a profile, locate your friends, post photo’s, post messages.

Classmates also has a fee-based membership that allows access to the bios of the other members, see the members that look at your bio, and includes email services, reply to notes, plan events and reunions.

List Of Social Networking Sites
Also Includes;

  • Bebo – social network available in USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Sconex – High School social network.
  • 43Things – List your 43 goals on this social network.
  • Bolt – social networking site.
  • Zigime – social network site with many unique features.
  • Hybrid Nova – specializing in social networking, entertainment services and business networking.
  • MyOpera – opera lovers social network.
  • Ecademy, Ryze and Xing – networks for building business contacts.

Lifestyle And Traveling

  • Wayn
  • TravellersPoint
  • Care2
  • Infield Parking
  • Sportsvite
  • Don’tStayIn
  • Takkle
  • SharingPhotos
  • Piczo
  • FuPei
  • Flickr
  • Adandu
  • Aroundtheway

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Remember to be careful about putting personal information online.

You don’t want anything to come back and haunt you later, or cause you to become a victim of identity theft.

I hope this list of social networking sites gives you a good idea where you can go to have some fun with some great connections, and keep up with the lives of your friends.

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