Jury Duty Scams
Real And Happening Now!

Are you prepared? Jury duty scams are now becoming very common place.

Jury duty scams have now become a very common area for identity theft scams.

At one point in time most of us receive a jury summons, and most of us take this summons seriously.

There Are people that skip out on their civic duty and, because of that, a threatening and new kind of scam has come to the surface.

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How This Scam Works!

A person will call you claiming to be a jury coordinator.

  • If you claim never to have received a jury summons the jury coordinator, (better known as a scammer), will ask you to verify your birth date and social security number and will then cancel the arrest warrant.
  • Cancel the arrest warrant? That would mean to me that an arrest warrant had already been issued, right?

That fact alone would really terrify the average person and, because of that, you would probably be more than willing to give your personal information just to stop the action that would put you in jail, correct?

I think most of us would, considering the facts, but---

Zap! Your identity has been stolen if you gave out any of your personal information.

  • This scam is ultimately extremely treacherous because of the tactics of intimidation over the phone these people use to browbeat others into giving their personal information by pretending they're with the court system.
  • This dangerous scam has been reported in 11 states including Colorado, Oklahoma and Illinois.

Nationwide alerts have been issued by the federal court system and the FBI on their web sites to warn consumers about these dangerous jury duty scams.

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