Identity Theft Software
Is Vital To Your Health

Identity theft software is inexpensive and a Must Have for any computer user.

How safe are you online? Protect yourself with identity theft software.

Technology has gotten so sophisticated it has become a real target for identity theft.

It is a frighteningly common practice for people to have extremely sensitive personal information on their computer or have a business with all the vital company information on it.

  • Your files contain credit card numbers, account numbers, passwords, photographs, addresses, phone numbers, and any number of very sensitive personal information.

If an identity thief is able to access your computer, he/she has access to everything on your hard drive.

  • There was a new bulletin recently that stated people had turned in their computers to one of the nationally known computer companies.

The problem? They still had all their personal information on their hard drive.

When the person turned in their old computer to buy a new one, the old computer was resold to someone else.

When that person started using it, he found the last owner's personal information such as, bank statements, account numbers, and mortgage information still on it.

Wow! Identity theft software is needed now more than ever, and especially in this day and age with the technology as sophisticated as it is.

Fortunately, the person that now had access to the old computer owner's information was a very honest person.

He made sure he wiped the old hard drive clean. Wow! Was he lucky, or what.

He also went to the right TV news channels to tell everyone about the problem, so know one else would suffer this devastating problem.

  • Make sure you use identity theft software to make sure an ID thief cannot access your computer information.
  • If you trade in a computer, give it to someone, or just plain throw it away, you make sure your hard drive has been completely deleted. Don't rely on someone else to do this for you.
  • Beware! This information is an identity thief's dream and the thief can do unbelievable damage with all this information.

Special Identity Theft Software
For Your Computer

I know in this day and age, personal information on your computer is the way most people operate, and I am no different; however, I take steps to protect myself as much as possible with home security software.
  • Firewall-Norton and McAfee have firewall software at very reasonable prices. These can also be purchased online.
  • Password Protection-all our sensitive information and documents should be protected with a password.
  • Antivirus Software-two very popular antivirus programs are Norton Antivirus and McAfee Viruscan. Most new computers come with pre-installed antivirus software.
  • These software programs scan your computer for viruses (programs that are solely intended to harm your computer). The antivirus software removes them from your machine.
  • Encrypting the files you store on your PC and CD's is the safest way to protect and secure your information electronically.
One of the easier ones used for emails is the PGP encryption.

  • Store a copy of your CD in a safety deposit box in a bank.
  • Do Not store your personal information on a web site or e-mail files. E-mails can be captured and read by anyone.
The identity thief can use web site links in e-mails to get the recipient to divulge your personal information. See email scams for the ways identity theft through the computer can make you a victim of this devastating crime.
  • If a laptop is lost or stolen, all your personal information on the hard drive is gone with it and can be compromised.
  • Make sure web sites and the companies you buy items from use SSL or some other form of encryption when transmitting your personal data.
  • You need to consider what web sites do with the personal information they request from you.
  • Is the server they use to store your information secure?
  • I know everyone Hates to read a web site owner's privacy policy (me included), but the policy will tell you how they treat all the information they collect and you can use the 'opt out' option if your information is being shared with everyone.
See do not call list and stop junk mail for more identity theft help. Take advantage of the many selections you have in identity theft software. This step is extremely important to take to stay safe from identity theft.

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