Identity Theft Scams
You Name It! They Scam It!

Carjacking Scam

These identity theft scams are no joke! Jill was walking across a parking lot to her car. She looked around before unlocking it. She got inside and started the engine. She put it into reverse, and then looked in the rear-view mirror before starting to back out.

She noticed a piece of paper stuck to the middle of her rear window, blocking her view from the mirror.

Jill put the car in Park, unlocked the doors and jumped out to remove the paper, leaving the car running and the door open.

A carjacker appeared from nowhere (she told the police she saw nobody when she scanned the area), jumped into her car, and almost ran her over while backing the car out of the parking apace.

Jill's purse was still in the car. So the carjacker had both her car and all of her ID. And the keys to her house, along with the remote control to open the garage door! And they got her cell phone, of course, so she had to find a phone to call the police. 

And she had to spend hours canceling all of her credit cards and her bank card, then hours more dealing with government agencies to replace other important ID cards.

Jill was lucky that the carjacker only took her car and ID. Her house could have been burglarized as well. But she had to replace all of the locks, and buy a new remote for the garage door.

And she had to spend hours canceling all of her credit cards and her bank card, then hours more dealing with government agencies to replace other important ID cards.

Be aware of these new identity theft scams! This particular scam is one of the most physically dangerous scams out there.

Instead of getting out of your car, carefully back out of your parking spot and drive to a safe location before removing anything that's covering your rear window.

Utility Scam

The utility bill scam is making the rounds again since it's so profitable for identity thieves.

The utility scam is one form of identity theft called scam baiting.

  • You receive a call from someone claiming to be from the utility company, trying to collect payment on an overdue bill.
  • The caller asks for your credit card number or bank account number so that you can make the payment right there, over the phone.

These days, utility companies never ask for credit card or bank account information over the phone (or by email). If you receive any call asking for that information write down the person's name and his/her phone number.

Then call the utility company and let them know someone claiming to be from the company is asking for banking information.

If you are ever fooled by someone into giving out your banking information, contact your local law enforcement agency immediately to report any identity theft scams.

Gift Card Scams

Crooks have found a way to steal the balance from your gift card. They walk up to the cashier lines and write down all of the gift card numbers.

A few days later, they call the number on the back to see what the balance is on "their" card.

When the customer service rep tells them the card is active and has a balance, they know they can start shopping.

You can avoid this theft by only buying gift cards, for yourself or others, at the customer service desk. Ask for cards that are not on display anywhere. This ensures that the cards cannot be seen by scammers.

My goal is to help you protect yourself from identity theft. After searching through a lot of programs, I settled on Identity Theft Deterrent.

I highly encourage you to gain an understanding on how this tool can help you

Being a victim isn't something you have to endure. Learn how to bulletprood your family so that you're not the next horror story.

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There is such a large variety of identity theft scams it is hard to keep up with this crime. Here is a list of many of the most common scams making the rounds.

For More Identity Theft Scams See:

  • Phone Scams - Learn why phone scams are one of the most incredibly “personal” of all identity theft scams. 
  • Car Keyless Entry System - Hi tech car thieves love to find a car keyless entry system. Learn how to protect yourself from losing everything. 
  • Smart Phones - Scammers have found a new way to exploit smart phones. Protect your safety and security and don't let this happen to you.
  • Grant Scams – Find out why grant scams target parents and students. This is heartbreaking.
  • Social Security Fraud - Devastating effects are felt by social security fraud and sadly many children become victims. 
  • Rental Scams – Vacation rental scams … Learn why knowledge of rental scams will bring you more calm and peaceful vacations.
  • ATM Security - It's important to practice ATM security at any establishment. Even bank ATM's are being targeted by skimmers and are vulnerable to identity theft.
  • Job Scams - Find out how job scams are the newest form of identity theft when doing online job searches.
  • Charity Scams - Protect yourself from charity scams by checking out the charity Before you contribute.
  • Child Identity Theft - Learn why the unimaginable crime of child identity theft happens more than you think.
  • Nigerian Scams - These scams come in many forms and have reached epidemic proportions. Find out more about Nigerian scams and don't let yourself become a victim.
  • Jury Duty Scams - The jury duty scams are real, and if you don't know how they work you can find there is a warrant out for your arrest.
  • Lottery Scam - Don't let yourself become a victim of a lottery scam. This identity theft scam is "big business" and rakes in millions.
  • Credit Card Scams - A credit card scam comes in many forms and is the simplest of identity theft scams. Learn the knowledge to keep your credit card number safe from being stolen. 
  • Email Scams - Will you be next? These identity theft scams are one of the worst and most common and come in the form of a petition. Find out more about email scams here.
  • Motor Vehicle Theft - This theft/identity theft is ”Big” business. Find out how motor vehicle theft can cause you to lose your vehicles and your identity in the process.
  • Travel Scams - When you have knowledge of all the travel scams out there, you can relax and enjoy your vacation. 
  • Medicare Fraud - Learn how to protect yourself from medicare fraud. It costs the government billions of dollars a year, and those costs are passed on to us.
  • Child Internet Safety - One of the biggest dangers to your children is what they are doing online. Learn why child internet safety is a priority, because what you Don't know can hurt your children.
  • Credit Card Scam - There are many different ways for the credit card scam to affect your identity. Let me show you the many ways you can protect yourself from this horrible crime. 
  • Debit Card Fraud - In today's society debit card fraud has become extremely prevalent, so it's important to take the proper steps in protecting yourself.
  • RFID Security - Learn why this is one of the sneakiest crimes there is. Do you know about electronic pickpockets and why rfid security is imperative today? Don't become the next victim.
  • Cell Phone Texting - Are you aware of the dangers of cell phone textng? Don't allow yourself to become the next victim of this fast growing crime.
  • Elderly Scams - This particularly cruel crime of elderly scams has risen sharply in recent years and can cost a person their identity, home, savings and everything they've worked so hard for over a lifetime.

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