Will You Be The next
Identity Theft Ring Victim?

Are you aware of how the identity theft ring crimes actually happen and what to look for?

Learn how the identity theft ring works here.
Are You vulnerable to being the next victim of an identity theft ring? These rings of fraud go from one side of the United States to the other.
  • Coast to coast there are over 10,000 active identity theft crime rings in the U.S.
  • All 10,000 of these crime rings have the sole purpose of committing identity theft with the intention of Not paying.
  • The largest amounts of these rings are not professional criminal organizations, but rings of "family and friends" groups.
  • A report was done by an ID analysis group that compiled results from its huge data base of almost 2 billion entries.
The report concluded that Washington, D.C.; Montgomery, Alabama; Tampa, Florida; Macon, Georgia; Greenville, Mississippi and Detroit had the highest concentration.

  • Surprisingly, this analytic group also found that multiple family members comprise more than half of these rings and the rural areas have a much higher number of these identity crime rings, where as the rate of identity theft is higher in the urban areas.

An identity theft crime ring consists of 2 or more people working together, repeatedly submitting applications that are fraudulent, with the sole purpose of committing fraud.

Collusion occurred when several members of the fraud ring used similar identifying personal information such as, social security numbers, in attempted fraud.

Fortunately not every credit application is accepted, or goes through, and many are caught by the fraud fighting tools of the lender.

The amount of attempts by a thief intent on identity theft is enough to raise some 'red flags'.

Even the dead are victims of these vicious crimes. Go to deceased people and identity theft to find out why.

Identity Theft Ring Example 1

A middle class neighborhood in Amity Township had 15 residents become victims of an identity theft scam that went from one side of the country to the other.

Victims information such as, social security numbers, was stolen and it wasn't until the victims started receiving bills and new credit cards from numerous stores that they realized their identity had been stolen.

This case is currently being investigated by the Secret Service and the District Attorney.

Identity Theft Ring Example 2

A Modesto, California woman conspired with others to steal mail from mailboxes.

Mailboxes are hard for a thief to resist.
Go to stop junk mail to learn other tips on what items in the mail can make you a victim of identity theft and how these scams can affect you.

A 43 year old woman, Lynn, pled guilty to participating in a plot to commit postal crimes.

Lynn and her co-hort's would steal mail from mailboxes with the express intent of acquiring merchant cards, convenience checks, credit cards, personal identification and account numbers.

The credit cards were specifically used to buy items for themselves.

The sentencing is scheduled for early January.

Crime Ring Example 3

Dallas, Texas had an identity theft ring that stole recreational vehicles, television, tractors, trailers and much more.

Identity theft includes

It turns out a man named Arnold owned and used two of his tractors in an operation that targeted "high dollar" shipments in the Dallas area.

Several of these loads were taken from a logistics company in Tennessee.

The trailers taken had LoJack installed on them and were tracked back to Arnold's property.

The logistics company was able to verify serial numbers to a huge load of TV's by Toshiba that were stolen a week prior.

Arnold was found guilty on many felony charges.

Identity Theft Ring Example 4

Ex-Viking Charged In Fraud Scheme

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Michael Bennett, an ex Minnesota Viking and first round draft pick pulled down a 15 month sentence for his involvement in a Florida fraud.

Bennett, age 34, pleaded guilty to wire fraud a few months ago.

An undercover check cashing store in North Miami was operated by the FBI and used by Bennett, 2 other ex football players and 5 others over a 3 month period.

Allegedly, this group cashed approximately $500,000 in fraudulent tax refund checks.

Former Syracuse player Louis Gacheline and former New York Giants and Raiders defensive tackle William Joseph have each pleaded guilty to related charges and await their sentencing.

I have no idea what these people were thinking, (I guess no thinking was involved), but I sure wouldn't want to, not only do the time for the crime, but lose everything else I had worked for.

I guess they all thought they wouldn't get caught...bad idea!

You Are So Busted!
Caught with Guns, Drugs and Cars

Don't become the next victim of car theft and identity theft.

A huge bust was made by police in Fresno, California which will help lower the amount of home burglaries and auto thefts in this city.

A week long operation was conducted by the officers with the department's Career Criminal Auto Theft Team.

This included the team serving warrants at 4 separate locations and arrested at least a dozen people, many of them known gang members.

This identity theft ring works together as crews to break into vehicles, steal your identity out of the car and certain components off the vehicle.

Go to motor vehicle theft to learn how to protect your vehicles and "toys" from being stolen.

These are just a few of the ways that identity theft rings work to steal everything you own and make your life a nightmare. Become informed and don't allow yourself to become the next victim.

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