Identity Theft In America Increases At Alarming Rate!

Watch Out! Identity theft in America has increased dramatically in the last couple of years and absolutely no one is safe.

Identity theft in America has risen to dangerous levels.

Identity theft is bad enough, but the decline of the economy has made everything so much worse.

People have lost their jobs, houses, cars, and everything they own.

See identity theft victims to learn more about the way identity theft affects you.

Many in my family have had their hours and salary cut which is bad enough, but it would be a total catastrophe if they lost their job.

Another area hard hit are the credit cards people have. See credit card scam to learn more.

Even though Congress passed a new law that is supposed to protect us from the credit card companies ripping us off, the new laws didn’t go into effect right away.

Consequently, this allowed the credit card companies to gouge us one more time!

The credit card rates have risen beyond reason, even for people with excellent credit that always pay on time and never go over their limit.

This has forced many people to file for bankruptcy, as it left them no other way out.

All of this has caused identity theft in America to escalate out of control.

We have to protect ourselves from this horrible crime and be knowledgeable in the ways to prevent identity theft.

A new study released by Sperling’s Best Places shows cities that are at higher risk and lower risk.

Top 10 Most Risky Cities

San Francisco



San Jose

San Diego


Salt Lake City

Las Vegas



Top 10 Least Risky Cities





Virginia Beach

New Orleans





Four major categories were used in factoring the results. Crime, Risk Profile, Transactions and Technology Impact.

  • Criteria For Crime: Fraud rate, id theft rate, and methamphetamine use rate, larceny and burglary rate.

Addictions increase the compulsive, obsessive behavior of a person and increase the chance for illegal activity.

  • Criteria For Risk Profile: Debts, loans, investment real estate, household net worth.
  • Criteria For Transactions: Domestic Services, ATM use, purchases away from home, and repairs.
  • Criteria For Technology Impact: Online purchases, email use, tracking and trading investments online and internet use.

Many of the riskier cities are more fast paced, wealthier communities.

This doesn’t mean you should let your guard down if you live in a city that is of lesser risk.

Be knowledgeable about all the identity theft scams that can make you vulnerable and put you at risk.

Your identity can be stolen no matter where you live, or what your financial status.

The criminal makes no distinction as to who will be his next victim.

Identity theft in America is here and I’m afraid it’s here to stay. Go to identity theft facts to learn more. The only way to stop becoming the next victim is to education yourself.

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