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Identity theft help is extremely important to have if you are a victim of identity theft.

Pick up the phone and call for identity theft help!

Besides my information at, I have listed many other resources critical for your fight against this devastating crime.

Handy ID Theft Resources

Web sites for victim help include:



(Follow each link to identity theft)

The list above gives you a good starting point and gives the most commonly visited web sites for identity theft help.

Credit card companies also provide multiple services to protect your identity.

Listed below are the most commonly used credit card services

Discover Card


Visa Card




American Express


Citi Cards


Identity Theft Affidavit


When you go to this site for identity theft help and before you fill out an FTC affidavit, make sure you file a police report in the jurisdiction where the crime was committed.

  • If you're not sure what jurisdiction the crime happened in, the police agencies will be able to tell you.
  • In most cases, you are able to contact your local law enforcement agency by phone in order to file your report.
  • You will be given a report number. This report number will be required by your creditors, in addition to your fraud affidavit.
  • You must download and print this form in order to fill it out.
  • You cannot fill in the form online.
  • Check with each creditor separately to see what form they require.
  • If your creditor does require you fill in their form, make sure you follow up your phone request in writing.
  • Send the request certified return receipt.
  • When your letter is received, the person that picks up the mail has to sign for it.
  • This verify's the company received your letter.
  • There is a choice to notarize, but it is not required by law.
  • Some business may consider your form more credible if it's notarized.
  • Notarizing the form will cost a minimal fee.
  • A checklist of documentation is included in the affidavit and includes...
  • A picture identification that is government issued such as a state issued ID card, passport or driver's license.
  • You will also need proof of residency during the time the disputed transaction or event took place.
  • You will also list all the accounts on the affidavit's chart that were opened fraudulently, the address of the company where the account was opened, type of account, the account number, what amount, and the date it was opened.
  • As a part of the affidavit, you will send this chart to all credit bureaus.
  • This chart can also be used as a reference to track the contacts you made and what was said.
  • Each creditor, utility company, or bank fraud division must be sent a copy of this affidavit, as all these companies provided unauthorized purchases, services or credit to the identity thief.
  • Many companies will send you their own dispute forms after they receive your affidavit.
  • Other companies will only accept their own dispute form and a police report.

More Identity Theft Help Tips

  • Reporting Identity Theft - Reporting identity theft is crucial if you're a victim, and necessary in gaining back your identity.

Go to reporting identity theft for steps you need to take.

Documenting Your Identity Theft Case - Documenting your identity theft case is imperative in your fight against the crime of identity theft.

Learn more at documenting your identity theft case.

How To Stop Identity Theft - See how to stop identity theft to prevent yourself from becoming a victim and gain knowledge of how this horrible crime happens.

I hope you find the identity theft help resources listed above a huge help in your fight against identity theft.

In order to best serve you and get you quality identity theft help, I've partnered with Identity Theft Deterrent. I encourage you to click here and gain an understanding of how this resource can help you.

Early preparation is your best defense against becoming a victim of identity theft.

Please take the time to insulate your family from this form of thievery.

You can learn how to best Prevent Identity Theft Without Paying Monthly Fees

I urge you to take advantage of the information here for identity theft help and encourage you to fight this devastating crime.

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