Home Window Security Solutions!

One of the best home window security tips focuses on making your home impenetrable for a thief to enter.

Home window security helps deter identity theft.

This should be top priority for people who want to ensure the privacy, security and protection of their home or business.

The more work a thief has to go through to enter your home; the less likely you are to become the next target and victim.

Home window security is an extremely important area to be concerned about and addressed.

Most people concentrate on making sure their doors are secure against home burglars and don’t give the windows much thought.

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Why talk privacy when discussing home security? Because I want to make sure you have a 2nd layer of protection in place if your home security is ever breached.

Keep in mind that burglars can take more than your possessions...they can take information they use for identity theft later.

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Tips For Home Window Security

Can you see through the windows and see what valuables are in the house such as expensive artwork, electronics, antiques or collectibles? If you can see in – so can a thief.

Beware! This is the first area a thief is going to check out.

  • The best and safest thing to do is install tinted window film.

This prevents a thief from seeing the valuables in your house and blocks the UV rays at the same time.

Do you have sliding glass doors? Doggy doors? Even louvered windows are easy access points for a thief.

  • If you were to break into your own home, see if you can identify the most vulnerable areas.

Exterior Home Window
Security Solutions

  • The "outside" of your house is a good place to start your home makeover.

If you have many windows on your lower level floor, make sure the windows are not hidden with tall scrubs and bushes.

These give the thief a perfect place to hide and not be seen so they can work on getting in through one of the windows and then gaining access to your private information.

  • Rosebushes or any thorny bush is an excellent deterrent to put under and around the windows against the average thief.

If you were a thief, the last thing you’d want is to slip trying to climb in the window and land, literally, on a pincushion. Ouch!!!

  • You notice the above takes care of an average thief. More sophisticated thieves will use many layers of clothes, gloves and cutting tools; so, for safety, trim all your scrubs and bushes to below the window level.

  • Even though windows that are on ground floor level are primary targets for thieves, don’t forget protection for the basement and upper level windows.

They are extremely vulnerable, easy to overlook, and can be accessed from a fence, tree, balcony, stairs, etc.

  • The thief also realizes people are careless about the second story and have a false sense of security, thinking the thief won’t expend that much energy.

Why wouldn’t he?...

It’s an easy “snatch and run”.

  • Any object you might leave lying around the yard or house such as ladder, bricks from the yard (to break the glass) or shed will also give a burglar easy access if your protection is not in place..

Targets Thieves Look For

Targets Thieves Look For

  • Windows are left open and/or unlocked.
  • There are cracks in the glass.
  • Metal frames are corroded.
  • Wood window frames are cracked, broken or rotted.
  • Sliding glass doors, and glass inserts and glass around your entry doors.

All of these are security problems and allow very easy access for a criminal who is intent on stealing and identity theft.

Home Window Security Issues

  • Replace any broken or cracked glass in your windows.
  • Window frames, whether they are of wood or metal, should be repaired and top quality materials used. Rotted or corroded frames are easily removed by a thief.
  • A popular trend for home security windows is installation of PVC windows.

Make sure whatever brand you buy has passed ISO certification. Normally, the box it comes in will give this information.

  • Use supplemental locks in addition to your latches or electronic system for your home security windows.
  • The supplemental locks are not expensive, but especially important to more accessible and vulnerable areas such as basements, balconies and roofs.
  • Make sure your windows cannot be opened more than a few inches so that a person cannot reach his hand in from the outside to unlock the window or remove your secondary blocking device but for fire code purposes.
  • Make sure the windows are easily opened from the inside.
  • ”Window Stops” are a must for all the windows in your home. One of the better kind goes through a moveable frame and locks into place.

When the window is closed, drilling a hole through both frames and placing a nail in the hole locks the window in place.

Many times I have used a screw that is installed about half way into the upper track of the glass panel that is moveable, to prevent it from being lifted out when the window or door is in the closed position.

In addition, I have always placed alarm decals near the mechanism for the latches to show I have an alarm system, neighborhood watch, or dog.

Home Window Security
Glass and Bars

  • Another valuable home security tip to consider it to have tempered glass (security laminate) put in all, or your most, vulnerable windows.
  • The tempered glass is like the safety glass for your car. A safety coating that is adhesive plastic sheeting makes breaking out windows extremely difficult, even if a brick, etc, is thrown into it. It stops the glass from shattering.
  • The best option for glass inserts or glass in your doors is to avoid using them, but glass brick, or glass with wire in it, is also another good choice.

Home Window Security
Rolling Security Blinds

One of the best home security tips is using secure window blinds.
  • A great idea for home window security is to install rolling security window blinds.

This is super for window security and makes it almost impossible for a thief to bypass.

  • Home window security bars on the window are another option for home window security, but for safety reasons, make sure they can be released from the inside.

Drapes, Shades and Shutters Are
Also an Important Consideration

  • Make sure you leave your drapes, blinds or shades in their normal position during the day and close them at night.

Home window security is important to keep your belongings from being easily seen by anyone on the outside, particularly if you have valuable and expensive items visible in a room.

  • Not doing this allows the thief to see ahead of time whether or not if you have something worth stealing, and exactly what.

This also allows the thief to steal more in a shorter amount of time, because he already knows what he’s after.

I like to use blinds so I can control how little or how much a person can see from the outside.

Shutters are another consideration. If positioned correctly, they are not easily seen through.

Remember; “Out of sight is definitely out of mind”.

  • When I used drapes, I would have 2 sets of drapes.
  • One drape was a light weight one that let in the light, but people couldn’t see through.
  • The second drape was a heavy drape that I closed over the light weight drapes at night.

This prevented anyone seeing inside once the lights were turned on.

All the above home window security tip suggestions add one more “level of layering” to your arsenal of protection in home window security for your house and family.

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It's easy access to your personal information that burglars can later use to devastate you and your family.

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Hopefully, you will take advantage of all the important home window security tips I have compiled for you to be aware of and all the better for you to use for protection and to stop identity theft from happening to you.

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