Home Window Security Bars
Keep Criminals Out!

Home window security bars are becoming more and more common for homeowners to install on their windows.

Home window security bars for safety and stopping identity theft.

Crime has increased greatly over the last few years with the decline in the economy contributing hugely to the problem.

  • Every year over 2 million home are broken into by thieves.
  • That’s a burglary every 15 seconds. Unreal!
  • Many items from the victims are used for the sole purpose of identity theft.

Criminals like easy targets and will shy away from anything that would take time or cause noise and bring attention to them.

Is Your Home Safe?

  • Using “levels of layering” is the way to go when security of your home and family is at stake.

The "layering" involves the interior and outside of your home; doors, windows, door frames, internet, locks garage and car and everything in between, to name a few.

Learn more tips for home protection at do it yourself home security.

Levels of layering are the easiest way to protect your house with do-it-yourself home security.

The best offense is a good defense.

Criminals are more likely to bypass your house if they have to take time to circumvent layers of security.

Your house is one of the most expensive items you will probably ever purchase.

Because identity theft is now so prevalent, major insurance companies are now including "Identity Theft Insurance" protection in their homeowners and renters insurance policies.

It only makes sense that you would want to protect yourself from not only having your home invaded and possessions stolen, but your identity compromised.

Home window security bars are an excellent alternative for home window security.

  • For safety reasons, make sure they can be released from the inside with a quick release; many are able to operate without a key, so they are easy and quick to operate.

Most local laws, regulations, and building codes require this type of quick release bar.

This type of bar has a device fitted that operates from the inside allowing the grills or bars to open quickly in the event of an emergency.

It’s common for people to install security bars on only the basement windows, as those are extremely vulnerable.

  • For more safety the bars should be on all windows and outside doors.

These days, companies make grills and window bars that are more attractive, very decorative, and don’t make your home look like your living in a government institution.

You can purchase custom security bars and grills or adjustable grills which are available at your home/hardware store.

  • I also believe it's especially important to put these bars on your garage and outbuildings

In most cases, garages hold some very valuable items, so it is crucial to make sure they are safe and secure.

See home security camera systems, and home security locks for more ways to protect your assets.

Home window security bars are only one way to protect your home. Becoming knowledgeable will keep you and your possessions safe from identity theft.

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