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Home security tips are important to follow, not only when it involves your home door security, home internet security, home security alarms, but many other areas less thought about in the home that need to be secured against identity theft.

Security For Home Computers

These are Vitally Important Home Security Tips:

Do you know the home security tips that keep you safe from becoming the next victim?
  • Make sure all the information you keep on a computer that a thief would have access to.
  • Computers are expensive; and, if you’re like most people, you store most of your personal information on it.
  • Having a computer lock is a way to safely and inexpensively protect your personal information, and you can use a GPS system to better keep track of all your computers.
  • Make sure you back up all your personal information found on your computer on a CD and place the CD in you’re bolted-down safe or your safety deposit box.
  • Another up-side to this? You don’t have keys floating around out there for the wrong person to find.

Home Security Tips For Email

  • Many people have auto-responses sent to anyone that sends them an email. This is a very dangerous thing to do.
  • Thieves can send emails to you and, when they receive your automatic response, can figure out from your email address where you live, rob you, and clean you out while you’re on vacation.
  • To protect yourself against being a victim of this crime, set up a message that states you will get back to them shortly.

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Home Security For Vacations

  • Keep quiet about your vacation plans, and only tell those who need to know.
 Identity theft can strike you no matter where you live.
  • Having your mail stopped while you’re away is an excellent idea; however, I don’t let my carrier or my newspaper companies know, as that is not necessarily a safe thing to do. Too many people have access to that information.
  • I like to have a friend or trusted neighbor pick up my papers and mail; it is much safer.

If possible, the person should come at different times of the day so it is not so obvious that you are gone and your house is empty.

Thieves don’t like to target a home that seems to have a lot of traffic.

  • When my sister was on vacation, I would open the blinds in the morning and close them at night.

This allows the house to look lived in and not empty.

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Home Security Tips
for Answering Machines

This tip for home security is especially important!

  • Do Not leave a recorded message on your home answering machine telling people when and how long you will be gone.

This is just begging a thief to come to your house and steal you blind.

Home Security Tip
Identify Your Property – Engraving

  • A very important home security tip is engraving your property with your driver’s license number (Not your Social Security Number).
  • This is especially good to do for your expensive electronic equipment.

Thieves find it much more difficult to pawn or sell marked property.

  • You can also identify your engraved property with invisible-ink pens.

An ultraviolet light is shown on the stolen property and identifies the owner.

  • Taking videos or photos, along with the property being engraved, is also a double safeguard against a thief.

Also, make sure you keep receipts for your items along with your photos and/or videos in a safe place.

This gives you the proof you need for your insurance company.

  • After buying expensive electronic equipment or other expensive items, make sure you break down the boxes from these items and bury them under other items in the garbage.

You don’t want to advertise what you have so, “out of sight, is out of mind”

Home Security For
Artwork And Valuables

  • If you have artwork in the form of expensive or collectible pictures, you can put small alarms on them called art-security hangers.

This locks the art in place and is very difficult to remove.

  • There is also another product called “DataDots”.

Information is on an adhesive the size of a tiny grain of salt and records identification information.

  • One very important home security tip is to have a written appraisal done with a definite dollar amount.

Along with your videos and photo’s, this appraisal should be added to your homeowner’s policy.

At least this way, if you are a victim of theft, you are covered.

  • The best home security tip in the world is not worth a thing if it is not being implemented.

Please use all the suggestions I have made on my website to protect yourself against crime and identity theft.

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Additional Tips for Home Security

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