Home Security Statistics Prove You Are At Risk!

Home security statistics prove a home owner is at risk and extremely vulnerable to burglary and identity theft.

Home owner vulnerablity is proven with new home security statistics.
  • As reported by the FBI, every 14 seconds a burglary is committed.
  • You are 3 to 4 times more likely to be burglarized if you don’t have a home security system.

My friend is a deputy sheriff and said over 85% of police officials believe monitoring your home with a security system Does deter criminals.

  • In 2007, over 2 million burglaries occurred and that number has only increased in the following years since.
  • A frightening thought is the fact that in 2007, 63% of the burglaries happened in the daytime.

The thief is becoming bolder and doesn’t wait to do the crime in the dark.

The more “levels of layering” you use, the better off you are at warding off burglars and keeping your home and family safe.

There are so many areas of your home to be concerned about that need protection from these criminals who don’t mind in the least taking everything you have and making your life a living hell in the process.

Some of these areas needing protection are;

  • Doors.
  • Windows.
  • Basements.
  • Garages – this is a very favorite target of the burglars.
  • Vehicles – are involved in 10% of the burglaries.
  • Outbuildings.

Check out motor vehicle theft for ways to protect your garages, vehicles, and outbuildings and more.

  • You also need to make sure you have proper locks, lighting, camera systems, safes, internet security, to name a few.
  • It is up to each one of us to take the proper steps to secure our home, keep our assets, and everything we’ve worked so hard for right where it belongs, with us, not in some low life’s hands.
  • Home security statistics released by the FBI, show cities that have a population from 10,000 to 25,000 have an increase of crimes that are violent, such as; assault, murder and robbery which are up by almost 2%.
  • It’s so important to have some type of alarm system for your home.
  • Having the alarm system that has a two-way contact to a help center or police station is also wise.

I pay only about $30.00 a month for my peace of mind and to help insure my assets stay with me.

I also joined out neighborhood watch as an added security protection.

  • More than 95% of homeowners with security alarm systems are satisfied.

More Home Security Statistics

Here are a few more identity theft facts I think people need to be aware of so you can protect your belongings and your home.

  • Residential in nature are 88% of burglaries.
  • The amounts of burglaries that are considered to be preventable add up to 87%.

Become knowledgeable and see more home security tips here.

  • A scary statistic shows 85% of home security systems are not used properly or switched on.

Only 27% of homeowners that have a security system set the alarm when going to bed.

  • Homes that have a security alarm system have 60% unsuccessful attempts made by burglars.

To check out more go to wireless home alarm to learn more about what home security measures to take.

  • Break-ins occur through a locked door 80% of the time. Most burglars use another door other than the front door.
  • As an average, it only takes a criminal 57 seconds to gain entry to your home.
  • Burglaries in the daytime in the United States have jumped by 47%.

The crash in our economy has only magnified this problem.

  • Did you know you can save at least 20% on your homeowners insurance if you install a home security system?

I hope these home security statistics will encourage you to take the needed steps to protect your home, loved ones, and your assets.

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