Burglars Hate Home Security Signs And Stickers!

Home security signs and home security stickers are an important addition to use, along with home security alarms, in your pursuit to protect yourself from identity theft.

Burglars hate home security signs and help stop identity theft.
  • Are you aware that identity theft has hit a 5-year high and is up by 22%?

These results were just posted by Javelin Strategy and Research Company.

  • Last year there were 9.9 million Americans that became victims of the horrendous crime.
  • The global economy crisis has made ID theft really Big Business.

See do it yourself home security to learn more tips for home protection against identity theft.

  • If you don’t like the idea of paying a monthly fee for a monitoring service or you are on a budget as most of us are in today’s world, a minimum cost alternative is to make sure you have easy to read, bright signs and window decals to deter thieves.
  • Make sure you install your home security signs in an area that can easily be seen from the street.

At one time, I had a house on a large corner lot and put the sign in my front yard and by both side gates.

A school was a few blocks away from us so, because we had a lot of foot traffic past a gate on one side of the house, we posted a sign outside this gate so it was known that we had an alarm system.

  • Even if a person does not have an alarm system, using a sign will be a discouraging tactic, and, more than likely the thief will find another, easier target to victimize.
  • We put the home security stickers in the front window and the windows on the doors that led into the house from the backyard.
  • Even though I had alarms and a home security monitoring service, I chose Not to use the signs of the company I signed up with because…
  • The company I was with was internationally known, and a very savvy thief only has to identify the model and make of the security panel, the type of window, interior sensors, door used, and the default settings for the alarm system etc.
  • This is certainly information you want to keep to yourself and private.

Using a generic sign allows you to do just that. You can pick up such a sign at most any hardware store.

Circumstances Requiring Home Security Signs and Decals
(At A Minimum)

  • Homes are 15 times more likely to be burglarized if they don’t have a security yard sign.
  • Homes, condo’s and apartments are burglarized every 10 seconds.
  • Thieves love it when a home or business looks vulnerable. It makes their job of stealing your possessions and identity theft a much easier “walk in the park” for them.
  • If your residence is one of the few, or the only one, which does not have a home security sign, your home will most likely be the one that is broken into.

No warning signs are a certain invitation to a thief.

This also applies if you are renting any of the above.

  • If you own a vacation property of any type, you should always have signs and decals at the very minimum, although it would be more secure and protected to add an alarm system.
  • You might pass along this tip for security signs for the home if you have relatives or friends that just moved into their own home and can’t afford a monitoring system.
  • Signs that indicate warnings you have surveillance, you’re being watched and you have attack dogs, etc, all help to warn a burglar to pick an easier target.

Go to home security camera systems and home security tips for more home protection tips.

Always research the companies you are interested in and compare features and prices before choosing one.

  • Make sure you also use home security signs and decals on your business.
  • Any action you take to protect your identity is a positive action, and can only help you in your fight against crime.

Home security signs are good but, if you want more protection and security and your budget can handle it, I would suggest installing a good quality alarm for your business and/or home and signing up with a home alarm monitoring company such as ADT or Brinks.

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