Home Security Safes "A Must"!

Home security safes come in many sizes and vary in price, and are one of the best investments a home or business owner can make.

Using home security safes will keep your valuables safe from identity theft.

Even though you have followed preventative home security tips and more than likely have some type of home security alarm or wireless home alarm, it is still imperative to keep all the valuables for your home or business in a safe.

My dad taught me that "Out of sight, is out of mind". Remembering this through the years has been invaluable.

People that have safes tend not to use them on a constant basis.

  • Many people I know don’t even use the safe. The safe stands with its door open and empty, with absolutely nothing in it. This is a big mistake!
  • All it takes is an intruder getting in, One time for you to loose every important item you have, many of the items being irreplaceable.

Don’t let this happen to you!

To see more safeguards for your house go to home security locks and home security camera systems.

There are general or basic safes, in-floor safes, wall safes and gun safes.

The safes come with electronic locks, combination locks and key locks.

  • Keep the keys to the safe in a separate place away from the safe.
  • Also make sure you make an extra set of keys, just in case you lose or misplace the original set.

Personally, I like the safes that have a fingerprint lock.

Make sure you purchase a fire resistant safe. There are also impact resistant safes, water resistant safes and resistant burglary safes.

American Lock, Honeywell and Sentry are a few of the top brands that make home security safes.

  • Choosing a safe that you install in the floor or wall can have some drawbacks.
  • A safe in the floor is always covered with a rug or carpeting in a closet.
  • If you choose a wall unit, it also has to be covered by a mirror or picture and can sometimes be difficult to access.
  • Before installing a wall unit, you need to make sure your wall extends back far enough.
  • If the wall isn’t deep enough, you can install a safe that is longer, rather than deeper.
  • Installing the wall safe requires you to cut a hole in the wall and mount it between the studs.
  • If you purchase a basic home security safe, make sure it’s a heavy one.
  • Even with a safe that weighs a lot, you should take one more critical step and bolt the safe to the floor from the inside of the safe.

Please Note: If the safe isn’t bolted to the floor, a thief can put it on a dolly and carry it out or, if the thief has a partner, they can carry the safe out.

  • Keep any information such as the combination in a separate and secure place.
  • If your information is stolen, this just gives the thief a chance to gain access to your important papers, jewelry, checkbook, and collectibles can result in catastrophic losses.

If you are in an apartment with no safe or are not allowed to bolt it to the floor, (this is the most secure way), at least buy a heavy duty filing cabinet with a secure lock.

The other option is…

  • …Purchasing an 800 lb fire and burglar-proof filing cabinet; no joke!

This filing cabinet is very special. It gives you 3 or 4 pull out drawers.

The top drawer is really a safe with a combination lock. Pretty cool, huh?

  • Better yet, go to your bank and rent a safety deposit box and keep your valuables and important papers in it.
  • You should find that home security safes that are much lower in price than they used to be.

This is due to the economy taking such a nose-dive!

Home Security Safe For Your Business

Having a business, especially if it’s a business that takes in cash, you are vulnerable and at major risk of robbery.

Making your business a place of safety is extremely important.

If you receive payments in cash, you most definitely need a safe.

  • Many business owners are robbed while taking the day’s cash receipts to the bank.
  • Most people are victims of repetition. We do the same task on the same days, at the same time.

It’s not hard for the thief to see the pattern so, change the pattern and your chances of staying safe increase greatly.

  • It is not hard for a thief to wait for everyone to leave the business and rob the person that is carrying the deposit to the bank.
  • It is much safer for the employee’s and the owner to do business with the bank during the daylight hours.
  • Make sure the safe is heavy and bolted to the floor from the inside of the safe.

Home Security Safes For Guns

If you don’t buy a safe for any other reason, buy one if you have a gun, or collect guns.

For an added safety precaution, put a trigger lock on the guns and keep the ammunition in a separate place.

There have been too many incidents of children that had access to guns, played with them and killed themselves or their playmate. Don’t let this happen to you!

  • Gunvault and Winchester make excellent vaults with interior light, motion sensor alarm, shelves for storage and electronic keypad.
  • You can permanently position the gun safe using the pre-drilled anchor holes.

Also check out home security tips and wireless home alarm for more home protection tips.

As you see, home security safes are necessary for the safety of your home as well as your business. Take the precautions you need to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

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