Home Security Locks:
Do Yours Stop Intruders?

Home Security Locks - How Safe Are Yours?

Proper home security locks can stop a burglar from breaking in.

According to FBI reports, the United States has a burglary happen every 15 seconds.

Crime and identity theft have dramatically increased and home burglaries are no exception.

None of us are exempt from these crimes, but there are many options to choose from.

High quality home security locks are essential for your windows, doors, gates, outbuildings, etc.

This could mean the difference as to whether or not, you become the next victim of identity theft.

Sash Frame and Double Hung Windows

Sash frame or double hung windows are the most common type of window and are easy for a thief to pry open.

  • One option to this problem is to use a pin lock. Bore a hole through the bottom of the top sash window and the top of the bottom half.
Home window security is extremely important not to overlook.

Make sure both are aligned so they fit together tightly.

See home-door-security and home window security for more important home security tips.

  • Another option is to secure a 4-point steal deadbolt to the top and bottom of the sash.
  • Sturdy home security locks called sash locks, are an option, and for extra security you can use a keyed version.
  • Track locks are a popular alternative and are very inexpensive.
  • Choose locks that have a hardened steel insert or steel bolt that will make it difficult for the intruder to saw off.
  • Choosing a deadbolt with a tapered free-spinning cylinder guard is also an excellent choice, as it makes it extremely hard for a thief to wrench it off to open the door.

Dead-Bolt Locks

It is critically important to use dead-bolts on all exterior doors.

Do you have the proper home door security?
  • A dead-bolt that is keyed on both sides should be used on all doors that include a glass window.
  • Glass in the doors can be broken very easily by a thief. If your door has a dead-bolt that has just a latch, all the thief has to do is reach in and unlatch it.

The thief then has complete access to your house and everything in it.

  • Make sure to use at least a 3 inch mounting screw when installing a strike-plate for a dead-bolt lock.

Using such a long mounting screw will ensure it’s secured, not just to the door-jamb, but also into the wall-stud.

French Doors

Your home is extremely accessible if you have French doors.

Even when they’re locked, all you have to do is push hard to open them.

French doors are a favorite entry point of criminals and can lead to identity theft.
  • If you have French doors, the best defense is to add slide-rod locks to the top and the bottom of both doors to prevent easy access for the thief.
  • A friend of mine has french doors that have a 3 point locking system.
  • When you lock the door, the door locks into the bottom and top of the frame and also lock together.
  • Also make sure the glass in tempered. It's much harder to break.

It seems to be a sturdier system than most I've seen, but if a criminal wants to rob you bad enough a door won't stop him.

Hopefully, it would be enough to slow him down, change his mind, and look for something that doesn't take as much work.

Most crooks want something quick and easy.

Sliding Glass Doors and Windows

  • If you have sliding glass doors, there is a special inexpensive lock specifically made just for them.
  • Home security windows and sliding glass doors have another popular option: Secure them with a pin and jam in the slide track.

This prevents a thief from sliding open the window from the outside.

Air Conditioners In Windows

  • If you have a window air conditioner, make sure you bolt it to the house to ensure your window can’t be raised and your air conditioner can’t be removed by an intruder from the outside.

Keypad And Biometric Access Control

So you don’t have to worry about lost or misplaced keys, the best home security locks are either the keyless entry pad or biometric access control.

The pad has numbers on it, similar to what you use in a grocery store when using your debit or credit card.

  • The keyless entry pad is a super solution so you, your family and kids don’t have to worry about missing keys.
  • This also eliminates leaving a multitude of keys in “hidden” places around your property, most of which a thief is already aware of.

This is also an excellent solution if you have many people occupying your house.

  • If you want certain rooms to be off limits to people, the combination keyless lock is the way to go.
  • The pad works with your own private code, saves a lot of time and trouble for everyone concerned and keeps your family members from locking themselves out of the house.
  • The codes can easily be changed if circumstances make it necessary.

A locking system that uses a person’s physical characteristics, such as voice, fingerprints and eye scan, are now being used by more and more homeowners.

Previously, this “James Bond” type of locking system was used mainly by the government and corporations.

  • Each person has unique characteristics which are recognized and verified by the scanner.

Many of the systems are battery operated and have a low-battery indicator to alert you to when you have to change the battery.

  • This type of system is an extremely valuable option for homeowner’s convenience, and losing your keys is no longer an option.
  • Your home is less vulnerable to a thief, as he won’t have access to your house keys.

Don't wait! Take steps right now to implement home security tips.

Using good quality home security locks is vital to the continued health of your home and identity.

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