Home Security Lighting Is Vital!

Home security lighting has many purposes and is very advantageous for numerous reasons.

Check into home security lighting as it's dangerous to keep a house dark when you're not home.

A darkened home is a vulnerable home, especially if it stays dark too many nights in a row.

Most burglars break in at night because it’s harder to see them.

Take advantage of all the home security options at your disposal and keep your house safe, secure, and don't become the next victim of identity theft.

Interior Home Security Lighting

There are many home security devices to choose from. Light timers are a popular item to use to show there is life in the house, and are also used to turn on and off TVs and radios.

  • Alternate the times and rooms you place them in.
  • Motion detectors are also used to turn on appliances and lights if someone enters your home.
  • It is unsafe to enter a dark home or apartment.
  • This may not assure you will never be a victim of a crime, but the more deterrents you put in the way of the thief that is intent on committing a crime and identity theft, the better.

Go to home security locks and do it yourself home security to learn more about ways to protect yourself.

  • If you make it too difficult for a thief to easily access your house, he will more than likely find an easier target, which is all the better for you.
  • Most thieves that are “worth their salt” have already cased out your house to see how many live there, the habits of the occupants and what the thief might be up against.
  • Criminals make mistakes just like everyone else, the jails are full of them; so, if lights or noise is all of a sudden heard from somewhere in the house, it’s a possibility the thief made a mistake in his calculations.

Exterior Home Security Lighting

Critically important is the outside lighting. If you have “dead spots”, areas that have no lighting, or poor lighting, it is imperative that you correct those areas around the perimeter of your home.

  • Make sure your lights can’t be meddled with and are high and out of reach.
  • It can prove to be dangerous if the area you park in is a dark garage, driveway, or an apartment/condo parking space, especially when you have to walk to the front door of your home. This can leave you particularly vulnerable.
  • For the area around your garage, the best choice is installing an automatic garage door opener.
  • Most openers come with a light that is activated when the door is opened; lighting the whole interior and stays on long enough for you to drive in, retrieve any purchases and enter the house.
  • When there is not sufficient light, you can’t see if someone is in the shadows preying on you.

At least you stand a chance to get away if you can see the threat ahead of time.

Criminals try their best to stay away from areas that are well lit.

  • In particular, keep the front entry and the rear entry well lit, but don’t neglect the sides of the house either.
  • Home security lighting tip: The back of the house is much more vulnerable for you, and more secure for the thief if it’s dark and not visible to neighbors or anyone else that might happen to walk by the area.
  • Low voltage flood lights with motion sensors can be installed by the do it yourself home owner, but if you want the high voltage lights, have a professional install them, as they can be dangerous to work with.
  • Protected areas can be monitored with IR (infra-red) lights and can be programmed to sound an alarm if a specific area is entered.
  • Installing motion sensors or heat sensors, (human body temperature) on all your exterior lights that you don’t leave switched on, are the best to use.

Besides home security lighting, another extremely important area to pay attention to is home window security and home door security.

As you can see there are many areas of your home to consider in your quest to keep your identity and your home and belongings safe from criminals.

I have used these home security lighting options on all my properties. If something or someone enters my yards, the lights come on. I had all the sensitivity on the sensors set so small animals or the wind would not set them off.

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