Holiday Safety Tips Are
Critical To Use!

Holiday safety tips are important to be aware and put to use.

Holiday safety tips are important to know. Don't be a victim of identity theft.

Identity theft has risen sharply in the last few years due in great part to the state of the economy.

One of the areas that are proving to be more and more vulnerable is online shopping.

Because of this, holiday safety tips are extremely important to be aware of.

Online shopping is so convenient and easy and saves customers from going to over crowded malls, going out in the bad weather.

It also isn’t as convenient as sitting in your comfortable house with a cup of warm coffee or hot chocolate as your shopping online.

Go to holiday games to learn more ways to protect your identity.

Thieves are also aware of the increase in the amount of people shopping the internet and have done a superb job of adjusting to the ways of the average American public.

Not being aware of your online vulnerability in this day and age is a huge mistake and leaves you wide open for becoming a victim of identity theft with the possibility of losing everything you own.

Don’t allow this to happen to you. Implementing holiday safety tips will stop you from becoming the next victim of this horrible crime.

Taking the appropriate steps to keep yourself protected will become a habit the more the steps are implemented.

Knowledge is the key to staying safe in the real world and the online world.

Holiday Safety Tips
Your PIN Number Should Stay Secret

Protect yourself and hide pinentry when entering number.
  • According to experts you should never write your PIN number on any of your credit cards.
  • If you do this and your card/cards are stolen it makes it super easy for a thief to gain access to your account.
  • Your personal information is also included on credit card offers and other mail you receive that might ask for your personal financial information and/or social security number.
  • Make sure you shred all mail that contains any personal information. This is important to do at all times and is not just for holiday safety tips.

To learn what important items you should be shredding go to shredding documents.

Holiday Safety Tips
Saving Online Credit Card
Information Is Dangerous.

  • Thieves find it very easy to steal your identity because of all the loopholes on the internet.
  • Hackers are able to access accounts and figure out passwords by merely typing in different numeric combinations with multiple common passwords.

The end result is identity theft and wiping out your accounts and credit.

  • This is a criminal’s paradise and a victim’s nightmare.
  • They can easily use your credit card and charge, charge, charge without your knowing if they get access to an account that stored your credit card numbers.

Holiday Safety Tips
Shopping Online

Protect your identity when shopping online.
  • These particular safety tips are vital for you to follow if you shop online.
  • Before giving your personal information, check to make sure the web site has encryption technology that is used.
  • Encryption will scramble any information you send such as a credit card number.

This prevents hackers from obtaining the information while it’s on the way.

  • A secure web site in your address bar at the top of the screen will say https://. The “s” displayed after “http” tells you the web site is secure.
  • Many times the “s” won’t show up until you are on the actual web site order page.
  • Also used to tell you a web site is secure is a closed padlock that will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • If the lock appears to be open, don’t in-put any personal information as the web site does not appear to be secure.
  • Internet Explorer 7 will have the address bar turn green if the page in question is encrypted.
  • Firefox will turn the entire address bar yellow if the page in question is encrypted.

These are especially good holiday safety tips, but tips to follow all the time.

Safety Tip
The Safest Way To Shop

  • Using a credit card for internet purchases is the safest way to shop.

If something does go wrong you will be protected under the Federal Fair Credit Billing Act.

  • You would have a right to dispute the fraudulent charge on the credit card and payments can be withheld during an investigation by the creditor.
  • If it’s determined your credit card was used without your authorization you will only be responsible for the first 50 dollars in charges.
  • Rarely are you asked to pay this charge.
  • I suggest you open a credit card for internet purchases only…one that is not tied into any of your checking accounts or bank account, as this exposes both to identity thieves.
  • Credit cards are protected to a much larger degree by federal law than a debit or check card.
  • Always check a web sites privacy policy before entering any of your personal information online.

This will also show how they do or don’t share their information gathered.

For more holiday safety tips go to criminal identity theft to learn more areas these thieves like to target and how vulnerable we really are.

Holiday Safety Tips
Do You Wi-Fi??

The advances we have in technology are awesome, but also very scary, because the chance of becoming a victim is so much higher now in this day and age.

Do you access the internet using a wireless network that is through a wireless access point, better known as Wi-Fi?

This amounts to a Huge opportunity for the hacker with nothing but causing chaos as his prime agenda.

  • Security software does not cover most Wi-Fi networks, so this is a literal gold mine for hackers bent on criminal identity theft.
  • Make sure you change the password on your wireless router so you can avoid your computer being overcome by Wi-Fi networks.
  • Protecting your computer from cyber attacks is also another reason to change the password because the passwords on routers are usually standard.

Holiday Tips
Social Networks Another Extremely Vulnerable Area

Over 25 million dollars was stolen from businesses in the first quarter of 2009 by cyber thieves.

This number is rapidly growing larger and larger, especially since cyber criminals have found another very profitable arena called social networking.

  • Information on these sites is shared so freely it’s scary.

I know a woman that shared so much of her personal information with someone, believing he was someone else, that she was taken for over $40,000.

  • People become very “comfortable”, almost like you're home talking to a friend, and let their guard down forgetting to be conscious of their online safety.
  • For those people with experience in programming, cyber theft is a very easy process; and for those that are not that cyber savvy, they only have to purchase software to steal information.
  • We used to think a good firewall would protect our computer, but nowadays, even that doesn’t take care of the problem.

I hope these holiday safety tips will help you in protecting yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft. Knowledge is the key, so please be pro-active in learning all you can about identity theft.

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