Health Insurance Scams
Is Yours Phony?

Health insurance scams are big business. Americans are at risk and have to be extremely careful when purchasing health insurance.

Be aware of the health insurance scam and medical scams.

Charles is 94, impaired visually, in poor health and really needed help.

Charles found help with a man calling himself Richard.

Richard told Charles he could provide him with the help he needed with a long-term-care policy from Home Health America LLC.

For one year of coverage, Charles paid over $3000 after the visit from Richard at his home.

Shortly after this visit Charles responded to a postcard he received from the company that is Arizona based.

The postcard stated he could have nurses do house calls for as long as needed, 24 hours a day.

The nurses would also help with meals, washing clothes and getting groceries.

For more information, go to types of identity theft.

When Charles tried to use the services he was promised, his calls to the agency were not responded to for weeks.

When Charles was finally able to reach someone, he was told even though his check was cashed, his application had yet to be processed.

Charles was told he qualified for nothing. Charles immediately demanded a refund, and only received $1700 from the original amount he paid.

The company told Charles they were keeping the rest for writing the application. Unbelieveable!

With the economy tanking, unemployment is rising, and the debate over health care reform continues.

This offers the perfect opportunity for deceptive, phony health insurance.

These types of medical scams provide a perfect scenario for identity theft with the information companies receive when filling out the victim’s application.

Many of these policies are fake and deliver absolutely zero. They are nothing but medical scams.

Some of the policies will promise you full health benefits, but have many hidden costs that are very expensive or provide a coverage that is very watered down.

The absolute crime about these health insurance scams is that many people believe these policies are such a good deal, they cancel their valid health insurance and then, when they become sick, they find themselves thousands of dollars in debt.

Also important to know about is copy machine identity theft.

This scam can literally allow someone else to steal your identity, become you, and use your medical insurance.

There is much more to this than meets the eye...please check this out for information you need to be aware of.

Even when action is taken and these scammers take action, all these thieves do is reopen under a new name somewhere else.

The owner of Home Health America had his insurance agent’s license revoked in Washington and Oregon for similar actions.

There are other lawsuits against this person accusing him of tricking others in this same scheme.

These medical scams are nothing to take lightly and can be hazardous to your health in more ways than one.

How To Protect Yourself Against
Health Insurance Scams

Check with your state insurance commissioner for the required licenses, and make sure you check to see if the agent or company has any complaints filed against it and what the complaints are for.

Scam Warnings Tips:
Signs To Look For!

  • Beware of offers for an agent to make a home visit rather than mailing you information regarding costs and coverage.
  • Do not give any personal information to this “agent” concerning your bank account numbers, or social security number when they are giving their sales pitch.
  • Be suspicious of full benefit promises that cost much less than policies that are similar.
  • Watch for the pitch that mentions, “benefits”, “health protection” and “coverage” – but says nothing concerning insurance.
  • Be alert if it seems to be what is called an “easy sign-up”.

Especially when you are told there is no questionnaire or a physical exam is not required and preexisting conditions are not a problem.

Be knowledgeable about these health insurance scams. Investigate before you just jump into one of these scams and become a victim. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

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