Global Warming Scam:
Most Everything "Green"
Is Becoming A Scam!

Your first paragraph ...The global warming scam is now becoming Big Business for thieves.

New global warming scam and how it affects you.

Many of us are trying to do what we can for our environment; but, unfortunately, this has opened up a whole new field for fraud and identity theft.

  • Over 50 homeowners in the San Jose, CA area were literally robbed out of over $130,000 dollars by a solar company who listed on customer’s contracts phony contractor's license numbers.

The company was called Beohana Solar and was owned by Peter Be. In July, his company was closed and he was arrested.

Beware! After he posted bail, it was found he was listed as president of Sunny Hill Energy in San Jose, another solar company.

Scam experts have repeatedly contacted the company and received no response.

Many elderly couples spent their hard earned money just to help the environment, knowing they would never recoup the up front costs of investing in energy saving solar systems because of their age.

They not only lost a huge amount of money, but never got their deposit back or their solar panels and all because this was a global warming scam.

This type of global warming scam leaves the door wide open to thieves who are eager to cash in on this newest scam because millions of Americans are more than willing to help our environment, especially with billions of dollars in stimulus money being given for green energy programs.

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Global Warming Scam Types

  • Many of these scams are done by telemarketing scams. Everything is sold over the phone.

In doing it this way the scammer also receives all your personal information which results in identity theft.

Global Warming Scam
Door-To-Door Fraud

Many times scammers will pretend to be representatives or contractors for “off-grid” utility companies or energy-efficient home product salesman.

Don’t become a victim of one of these scammers and don’t believe any references they offer you.

  • To make sure you are hiring a legitimate contractor, contact your state's licensing board.
  • Also, check with (The Better Business Bureau) and check to see if they are a member and what their company’s record looks like. The BBB rates the companies.
  • I’ve also checked out companies with the state's local Chamber of Commerce when I found no listing in the BBB.

If anyone comes to your door and claims to work with a local utility company, call the company to double check to see if they sent out an employee.

Power Companies

  • Sometimes a pair of workers will pose as local utility workers as a ruse to get into your home.
Don't be scammed by

One “worker” will keep your attention by talking to you while the other “worker” will check out or “case” your home for its contents and valuables they can steal from you.

If they steal any of your personal information, this is a perfect setup for you to become a victim of identity theft.

The scammer may also tell you of renovations that are needed immediately. They charge you for work or collect a rebate you’re entitled to.

The scammers are able to do this more easily because many local utility companies now offer energy-saving rebate programs.

The thieves pose as employees of these companies doing energy-saving repairs or energy audits.

Global Warming
Gadgets And Gizmos

  • Be alert to any “energy saver”, magnetic power generators or pricey gadget devices.
  • Officials say they don’t qualify for tax credits and don’t work.

Tax Credits

Available through American recovery and reinvestment act are available credits up to $1500.00 if you make particular improvements that are energy-efficient.

  • Warning! Not all claims of improvement qualify.

Go to for a list of products that qualify.

Do not believe you have to file any "necessary paperwork" for a fee.

If you are told this, quickly pass it up.

  • To take advantage of the green home improvement tax credits that are offered by the federal government, you don’t need assistance.
  • Also, be alert to any email that claims to be from the Department of Energy and claims to have a refund for you.
  • If you open the attachment – malware could be released or your personal information can be gathered for the purposes of identity theft.

The global warming scam has become one of the fastest growing scams we have seen in a long time, and is now affecting many people in America. Be Alert! and knowledgeable about this type of scam.

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