The Ebook Reader Is In Danger: Find Out Why...

The ebook reader and tablet user are now at great risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Scam warnings for the ebook reader.

The rapid growth of this industry is amazing.

Sales of the tablet and ebooks are exploding in popularity, which makes them a prime target for criminals whose main purpose is identity theft.

The American Association of Publishers reported ebook sales in the first 8 months of 2011 increased by an extraordinarily large 144.4%.

Seven percent of baby boomers from age 47-56 have now become the proud owner of an e-reader.

Ebook and tablets are entering the market in ever increasing numbers.

These devices are becoming extremely popular and, with the holidays on the horizon, sales are expected to explode.

There are a number of areas that you need to be aware of to stay safe from these new scams.

The Better Business Bureau suggests to consumers to stay with ebook authors and sellers they are already familiar with.

Just because a deal is offered that seems to be extremely attractive, doesn’t mean it’s not a scam waiting to happen.

Unfortunately, ebook scammers, can write absolutely meaningless information to fill up these ebooks.

  • Here are some scams to watch for.

Ebook Reader Scams To Watch For

  • Never click on the links inside ebooks unless it’s a site you have dealt with before and have trust in.
  • Information whose ideas are stolen from blogs and websites, then made into an ebook to sell.
  • Just because a wonderful review is given with these knock-off ebooks doesn’t mean there’s not a catch.
  • The review might be genuine but, again, someone may have been paid to manufacture them.
  • Always Google the author or book name to see how many other books they are supposed to have written or see what others are saying.
  • Many of these ebooks have poorly written and useless information that they sell for a few bucks.

The main scam warnings to this is the fact that Malware can be attached so the thief is able to capture the information on your credit card and use it for identity theft.

  • Watch for false sales and purchases used by bogus buyers and sellers that are supposed to amplify their credentials for auction sites.
  • Absolutely do not click on any links in the tablet/ebook unless it is a reputable and established author.
  • I would take it one step farther and visit their website using your Internet Browser instead of any of the links.
  • Beware of ebook readers that are spammed with gobs of ads in their works and hotlinks that go to both malware and commercial sites that load your machine with viruses.
  • A single book that has many editorial spins and is sold under many different author’s names and titles.

The best idea to implement when you purchase from an author that is unknown is go to Amazon, for instance, and download a free sample to check out the quality.

It’s also better to stay with authors that have already established a reputation, or authors you know.

Seek a refund if you think you have been scammed.

Always register your complaint with the customer service department of the seller.

If nothing else works, write an honest review of the book for other readers.

Ebook reader and tablet users enjoy, stay safe, and protect your personal information and don’t become the next victim of identity theft.

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