"Do Not Call List," Should You,
Or Shouldn't You?

Being put on the do not call list was the best decision I ever made.

To stop telemarketers sign up for the do not call list.

I was bombarded with telemarketer's calling every day, at all hours of the day and night.

At times I would have one company making numerous calls in the same day, every day.

  • It is to your benefit to be very protective of whom you give your personal information.

The less information you give, the safer your identity will be.

For more see avoiding identity theft for ways to protect yourself from this crime.

I am very selective, as I'm sure you are, to whom I give my personal information and under what circumstances.

You should especially Not give any personal information out over the phone.

Have you ever been asked to confirm a name or birth date, etc? I have.

I just tell the person asking for the information, "Sorry, I don't give out that kind of information."

Truthfully, it should matter little if a caller doesn't like your answer as I'm sure you will do anything you need to do to protect yourself and your identity.

At times I have had the person asking for the information become very aggressive, insistent and rude when I didn't comply with their request.

That's their problem and I refuse to make it mine by giving into their demands.

Find out how to eliminate all those solicitations you receive in the mail by going to stop junk mail.

Senior's At High Risk!

Years ago I took care of an elderly gentleman for a few hours a day for a number of years. I will call him Grandpa.

Grandpa was in his late 80's, very alert, but confined to the house much of the time and consequently would get bored and lonely at times.

  • I found out telemarketers had been calling for years; and, because of his boredom, Grandpa would buy items and enter contests, all of which cost money to enter, or a purchase was required.
  • All of this required the person to give a certain amount of personal information.

At this point Grandpa knew nothing about the "do not call list" and how easy it was to do.

Telemarketers would call and ask for his personal information, which he readily gave, then purchased all kinds of things.

This got to be a real financial problem plus a safety concern for his family.

Unbeknownst to his family, Grandpa had given out enough personal information that his identity was stolen and he ended up owing $30,000.00 before anyone realized what had happened.

Grandpa had to take a mortgage out on the house he had purchased 30 years earlier, and owed nothing on, to pay off this identity theft.

Don't become a victim, become knowledgeable about identity theft scams to protect yourself from becoming the next victim.

Telemarketer Abuse

I remember one time when I was with Grandpa a telemarketer called and Grandpa started to give his personal information.

Telemarketer's prey on the elderly.

I asked to talk to the telemarketer and asked what he wanted.

The guy told me he didn't want to talk to me, but to Grandpa. He was extremely rude and aggressive.

I told him he wasn't going to talk to him and asked to speak to the supervisor.

  • I asked the supervisor to put Grandpa's number on the do not call list and never to call again.

Grandpa was a very smart man and one of the loveliest people I had ever met, but naive where people and their motives were concerned.

Things had changed so much from when he grew up, and there are such a different set of problems to worry about now.

What a crying shame! Though Grandpa would still have had access to entering contests by mail (although his family took care of this problem after this happened), the do not call list would have stopped the telemarketer calls.

Go to cases of identity theft for more examples on how you can become a victim of identity theft.

We Don't have to take abuse from these people! There are laws that govern telemarketers or creditors calling, and they can be enforced if you choose to follow through.

Grandpa had no idea what danger he and, his identity were in. When the unimaginable happened, he had no clue he could fight this or what to do.

It's deplorable that our elderly are at such high risk from thieves and people that scam and prey on the elderly.

Do you know someone this has happened to?...

Do Not Call List And How To Sign Up

Sign up on the do not call list, also known as do not call registry, for both house and cell phones.

Many times I wish for the simpler times of my childhood. You didn't have to be so aware of what the bad people could do. You certainly do now.

Whenever I get a call from a telemarketer I inform them I want to be put on their do not call list.

If they give you any problem, ask to speak to their supervisor.

I have never had a problem doing it this way, and it has worked out quite well.

My telemarketer calls have really diminished. I seldom receive a call now because of the do not call list.

  • You can sign up for the "Do Not Call Registry" in two ways. You can call the National Do Not Call List at 1-888-382-1222 or go online to www.DoNotCall.gov and fill out their short form and take care of it this way.
  • This process can sometimes take from 30-60 days for the calls to stop altogether, but it is well worth it.
  • You can do this for your home and cell phones as I did, and I now receive very few telemarketer calls.
  • Originally, when you signed up for the do not call list, the registration was to expire after five years.
  • At this point and time you would have to register again.
  • Calls received on behalf of or from political organizations, telephone surveyors or charities are not covered.
  • Calls from companies with which you have an existing relationship are also not covered.
  • Companies can call you for 18 months after you make a purchase or for three months after you submit an application or inquiry
  • There is now legislation pending that will made registration permanent.

At one point before I knew about how to do this, I was receiving so many telemarketer calls during the day I was getting very little of my own work done. It was very frustrating.

In this way you minimize the risk of marketing calls, and calls for credit card offers also.

See protection against identity theft for more identity theft help.

For instructions on stopping credit card applications being sent in the mail to you, go to opt-out.

I truly feel if you sign up for the 'do not call list' you will, at the least, have a marked difference in the amount of calls you receive, and more than likely, you will stop them altogether.

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