Define Identity Theft! What
Areas Of Your Life Are Affected?

To define identity theft is really quite simple.

Losing everything you have is a good way to define identity theft.

Over 10 million people are victims of this devastating crime every year.

Even more people are affected that never report this crime.

Would you know what to do if this happened to you?

Do you know how to prevent it from happening in the first place?

What is identity theft? The Federal Trade Commission defines identity theft as “a fraud that is committed or attempted using a person’s identifying information without authority.”

This definition covers a wide variety of areas that a thief can use to attack your personal information.

Becoming informed about identity theft victims is one of the biggest steps you can take to insure your identity.

  • A thief can target your credit cards, social security numbers, and your personal medical information, just to name a few.

Here are more types of identity theft for you to be aware of.

Technology has opened up a whole new world to us, but it has also created a smorgasbord of opportunity for identity theft.

Because of technology, one of the most popular ways a thief uses to steal your identity is online.

  • Always make sure you minimize what you give for your personal information. Use a secure website when purchasing items.
  • Secure websites very often show the VeriSign so you know they are encrypted and secure for purchasing.

For more tips to keep you safe online, see online scams and identity theft software.

  • Criminals steal our identity so they are able to commit fraudulent acts.
  • A thief will use your identity to take out bank loans, open credit card accounts, and obtain wireless phone services, to name a few.

It takes you years to establish your good name and credit, and can take a thief a matter of seconds to absolutely destroy all you’ve worked so hard for.

In one fell swoop the thief can wipe out your checking/savings accounts and ruin your credit with very little effort.

  • I know of circumstances where the criminal used the victim’s identity and personal information when they were arrested.

Unfortunately, this caused not only embarrassment, but the victim then had to prove he was the innocent one and his identity had been stolen.

The victim was presumed Guilty until he was able to prove what happened. Not Good!

Years ago I lived in an apartment complex and watched people constantly go through the trash.

This is called dumpster-diving.

  • The majority of the people that dumpster dive are looking for items that can be recycled such as; bottles, cans, and plastic items.
  • There are thieves that dumpster dive as a profession, looking for people’s personal information that they can cash in on; another form of identity theft.

A friend of mine is a sheriff and told me they recently broke up an identity theft ring of criminals called “pretexters”.

This is a new way to define identity theft that has just cropped up.

Thieves are becoming very ingenious and it’s up to us to stay abreast of all the new scams to steal our identity.

  • Criminals use fake identities so they can steal information.
  • In turn, the pretexter will sell your personal information to other individuals that will use that information to steal your credit, money etc

Many of these pretexters worked in large companies and had access to the personal information of a large number of people.

The pretexter had access to names, addresses, social security numbers, birth dates and more.

The thief can find out what’s in your bank account and clean you out, or open new accounts in your name and write checks that aren’t good.

The possibilities are endless. Go to identity theft scams to arm yourself with more knowledge on the ways identity theft can happen to you.

It turns out the easy part is to define identity theft. The harder part is to be knowledgeable and diligent in protecting what is yours. I hope my website will help you in your quest to keep everything you’ve worked so hard for safe from criminal’s hands.

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