Debit Card Protection? Your
Debit Card Is A Huge Target!

Debit card protection is extremely critical for living safely in today’s world.

Debit card protection is a major identity theft item to be aware of.

Unfortunately, thieves are now targeting debit cards, big time!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has reported that every year “skimmining” ATM’s is costing United States banks hundreds of millions of dollars.

Skimming usually affects placing electronic devices over an ATM’s standard card reader for the thief to steal your information from the magnetic strip on the card and using cameras that are hidden.

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It’s better to avoid ATMs at night, especially going alone, or repeatedly using ATMs that are in a secluded area.

It is always a good idea not to go alone, but take someone with you for added security.

Here are a few dangers you should be aware of:

Debit Card Protection Tips

Wi-Fi locations that are public are now a huge threat to the average person and are a hotbed for criminals who are intent on using this format for identity theft.

  • It is extremely easy for a hacker to steal your information, as this is an unsecured wireless connection

Using a debit or credit card in a setting like this would be very dangerous and compromise your identity.

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  • Using a debit cards that links to your checking account is not the way to go, as this leaves the door open for a hacker to wipe out your bank account.

Debit Card Protection – ATM Security

Is your sensitive card information being stolen? This might be happening to you right now and you don’t even know it.

Identity theft is huge where atm's are concerned.

My bank had this happen recently, and this was a big wake-up call for everyone, because this type of identity theft know as “skimming” is on the rise.

  • “Skimming” is when a device is applied to the top of real card readers that’s sole purpose is to capture data from the debit card magnetic stripe.

At the same time, small wireless cameras (or overlays) to existing personal ID number pads are designed to collect PIN information. Wow! What a technology scam!

The thief then takes that stolen information and sells it on the internet or has the ability to make fake cards.

Here are some tips to apply for debit card protection;

  • Always check out and inspect the ATM you plan to use.
  • The most important thing to do is check the card reader and look for residue around the PIN or reader pad or visible glue marks.

If the card reader appears loose, you are able to tug on it and it comes off or, if any external part is loose and recently added to the machine, it more than likely has a skimmer on it.

Always be aware and who and what is around you and if anything at all looks out of the ordinary.

  • If there is a soda can or cigarette pack on top of the ATM, or even literature lying around; it could very well be concealing one of those miniature cameras that thieves love to use in their “craft”.
  • The bank always has legitimate security cameras around an ATM, and are always visible, whereas an illegal camera will be hidden and very small.

For better debit card protection whenever I’m in a store, buy gas, or in a restaurant, etc, I Always cover the key pad when putting in my PIN number.

I started to do this years ago when “shoulder surfing” started to become very popular with criminals.

Shoulder surfing is done by a person standing behind you that peers over your shoulder with the full intention of stealing your PIN number by recording it.

  • Shielding the keypad also keeps any hidden video cameras that might be hidden in the overhead lights above the keypad from recording your personal information.

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Debit Card Protection – Gas Stations

Gas stations have been a favorite target of scammers with the sole intent of stealing your identity when you fill up at the station.

Top of the list credit card scam is at the pump buying gas.
  • In San Jose, California in 2008, over $45,000 was pilfered from customers that bought gas at an Arco station.

This is one of the main reasons that showed how vulnerable this type of crime made us and how dangerous it is to use a debit card.

Customers found using a credit card was actually less hazardous to their health than using their debit card.

  • Be extra cautious and aware when using any ATM in an area of high traffic such as restaurants, airports, malls and gas stations.

Many locations don’t have anyone monitoring the machines, which results in skimming going unnoticed.

  • Don’t take anyone up on an offer to help you with the machine if you are having problems.

Most times the “helpful” person is the one that caused the machine to have trouble so that just this scenario would happen and, in turn, you would become a victim of identity theft.

  • Make sure you monitor your account consistently and notify the bank immediately if any activity on your account seems unusual.

Debit card protection starts with being knowledgeable to all the pitfalls associated with using a particular type of card.

Another extremely sensitive area to be aware of when using your card is anytime it goes out of your immediate sight, such as in hotels, bars and restaurants.

I hope these debit card protection tips will make is easier for you to stay safe and not become the next victim of identity theft.

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