Computer Worms: Are They Attacking You?

Computer worms are hazardous to your health an

Computer worms can easily make you a victim of computer identity theft.

These worms on the computer are only one form of malware as are trojans and viruses.

The are software applications that are very malicious and intended to spread by way of computer networks.

Normally, a person installs this accidentally when opening a message or email attachment that contains scripts that are executable.

When these worms are installed on a computer they generate additional email messages that contain copies of the worm.

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Worms on computers have various purposes and forms such as;

File-Sharing Network Worms

  • This worm is also called a P2P worm and infects by copying its code, normally with a name that sounds harmless, into a folder that’s shared under a particular file-sharing application’s folder in the machine targeted.

The user has no idea when he opens the P2P network; the worm is downloaded and spreads across the network.

Email Worms

  • Email worms are spread through email messages that are infected with its code.

Emails with an attachment or link actually link to a website that’s infected with the worm’s code.

When the user clicks the attachment or clicks the emails link, the worm is activated and begins to work.

The methods of spreading include services of MS Outlook, Windows MAPI functions and if you directly connect to SMTP servers with the worms own SMTP API.

  • This particular worm also collects the email addresses that are found in the computer that’s affected.

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Internet Worms

  • Internet worms are able to look for vulnerable computer systems via the internet and/or scan all available network resources that make use of the services of the local operating system.

They will achieve full access by trying to connect with vulnerable systems.

  • Also targeted by Internet worms are systems that are un-patched.

These can send data packets which then install a worm downloader or the worm itself, or send requests very easily.

IRC Worms

  • Chat channels are the main target of IRC worms.

They spread and/or infect files infected with the worm’s code and by sending links to sites that are infected.

IM Worms (better known as)
Instant Messaging Worms

IM Worms better know as Instant Messaging Worms

  • When utilizing instant messaging application, this type of worm spreads by sending infected website links to all the contacts in your contact list

These are different from the worm that infects your email, because they spread their worm through the use of the IM applications instead of the email applications.

  • Make sure you are safe from the computer worm! Always install computer protection.
  • Install a good antivirus product that has excellent security features plus updated virus definitions.

In some cases anti-virus software and spyware scanners may not eliminate all signs of a particular malware, especially if you are not updating them on a regular basis.

Stay protected from these nasty computer worms and identity theft so you don’t have to stress every time you use your computer.

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