Computer Identity Theft: Millions Of Computers Hi-Jacked!

New computer identity theft scam just in…

Steps for computer safety are a must as computer identity theft is out of control!

A few hours ago ABC News announced that a group of cyber thieves based in Eastern Europe known as the Rove group hi-jacked over 4 million computers in at least 100 countries.

This included at least 500,000 computers that are in the United States.

Federal officials announced today that before this group was caught, this scam allowed them to make off with at least 14 million dollars in illegitimate income.

This sophisticated and massive scheme allegedly used malware to perpetrate their theft and in the process managed to infect computers in NASA and the U.S. government Websites such as iTunes, IRS and Netflix were also targeted which forced people trying to get to those sites to be routed to a completely different website.

A Russian national and 6 Estonian nationals have been accused of hacking.

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Per the indictment, they rerouted the traffic on the internet illegally on the infected computers for at least 4 years to reap the profits from advertising deals on the internet.

After investigating for 2 years (Operation Ghost Click), the Federal Bureau of Investigation broke up this alleged international cyber ring.

The criminal world is alive and well, as demonstrated by the global reach of this group of cyber criminals.

The Internet is so easy for the hacker/criminal to use and as a tool it knows no bounds.

Unfortunately, this tool is exploited big time by hackers whose sole intent is to relieve us of everything we own and wipe us out and we then become a victim of computer identity theft.

These scammers even used their home as a “base camp”, and used entities all over the world and in the United States, including the Estonia based software company Rove Digital, from where this group is believed to have gotten its name, to carry out this scam of devastation.

The indictment states that the suspects took part in deals with many different internet advertisers where they would be compensated for generating traffic to certain advertisements or websites.

  • These crooks used malware that forced the infected computers to reluctantly visit the advertisements or sites that were targeted which, in turn, plumps up the click result, thereby bringing in a tidy little profit to the tune of 14 million dollars.
Stay protected. A virus is vicious and deadly to your personal information.

To bad they didn’t choose to put all this brain power into something legitimate. Think what they could have accomplished!

These criminals also designed the malware to stop users from being able to install anti-virus software that might have been able to free the computers that were infected.

The Russian hacker remains at large and the 6 Estonian nationals have been arrested on cyber crime charges.

Thank heaven the FBI has also disabled numerous servers operated by this dangerous organization.

Computer identity theft is running rampant. These days it has a sophistication that is scary. Be knowledgeable and protect yourself from becoming a victim of this type of identity theft.

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