Child Identity Theft Is Real!

Child identity theft, can this really happen? Yes, this has become a very scary trend in identity theft scams.

Every child can become a victim of child identity theft.

This scam centers on the identity of the child.

The main reason this scam has become more noticeable is because of the legal and personal problems this is causing parents.

Even though identity theft against adults has increased to enormous proportions, theft of a childs identity theft has grown even faster.

Another extremely important area to be concerned about and aware of, is child internet safety .

Always be aware of what is going on and who your child is communicating with on the internet.

In this day and age, if you don't stay informed as to who your children have contact with on the net it could become a very real danger to then.

Identity Theft Of A Child

  • Over 400,000 children had their identity stolen in 2005 and is climbing.
  • Although parents and relatives have the most access to a child’s social security number.
  • A child's identity being stolen can also be an act of identity theft by a thief.
  • This problem has now come to the surface, because more and more parents are stealing the identity of their child by using the social security number of that child to open accounts.

Identity theft scams of this kind are done by parents because they are unable to open their own account as a result of personal credit problems.

See more about identity theft scams to protect yourself from this crime.

Example Of Identity Theft Of A Child

One woman using her child’s social security number to open accounts and credit cards got caught.

If you are unaware, this is a Felony!. It doesn’t matter that it’s your child.

The mother was sentenced to six months in jail and now has a felony on her record.

It will follow this woman for the rest of her life.

She won’t be eligible for most jobs and the felony will stop her from buying most anything she can’t pay cash for.

The most unfortunate result of this action is to her 10 year old daughter, whose social security number she stole.

The child had her credit ruined, and she hasn’t even graduated from primary school.

Her life is going to be hell when she finally tries to purchase anything, such as a car, home, vehicle, or tries to get a loan so she can go to college.

Anytime her social security number is run through the system for any reason, her credit report will show all the damage that’s been done to her life by the irresponsibly of another person.

If you are aware of any child identity theft cases, please report this to the Federal Trade Commission at

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