Cases Of Identity Theft
Are Exploding!

Cases of identity theft run the gambit of credit card scams; children stealing from a parent and, in one case I know of personally, a mother that stole her child’s identity!

cases of child identity theft are out of control.

In today's world there are so many cases of identity theft, and so many different ways in which to commit this horrible crime.

You need to be knowledgeable and aware of all the ways your identity can be attached and make you a victim.

For more ways identity theft can happen to you, see home security tips and identity theft scams.

Cases Of Identity Theft and How
You Can Become A Victim

Mother Steals Her Own Child's Identity

Cases of identity theft: I know personally of one instance where a mother stole her daughter’s identity.

Yes, you heard me correctly...this mother actually stole her own child's identity.

The tragic part is, this child won’t even know her identity has been compromised until she’s nine years older and trys to open credit in her name.

Her mother messed up her own credit so she wasn’t able to open any more credit in her name, so she opened accounts in her daughter’s name.

What a double shock! Not only to find out you're identity has been stolen, Before you're even old even to write your name or know what credit is, but then to find out your Mother was the one to mess up the rest of your life? Wow!

To learn more about cases of identity theft and this unthinkable crime, see child identity theft.

Cases of Identity Theft
When Moving, Beware Of
The Change Of Address Card

For a period of time I lived in an apartment complex and came into regular contact with many of the residences, including our mailman.

Charlie, a friend of mine that lived in my complex, found out from out mailman that a change of address card had been turned in to the post office saying he was moving.

Charlie wasn’t moving, and the only reason he found out about it was because the mailman knew Charlie, and knew he wasn’t moving.

The whole point of this fraudulent card being turned in was to have all of Charlie’s mail forwarded to the thief.

This allows the thief to have any checks, pre-approved credit card offers, bank statements, mortgage information and any other personal information in his hands to commit identity theft.

Fortunately for Charlie, the mailman was one step ahead of the crook. They never caught the person that initiated this change of address card.

Unfortunately, these types of cases of identity theft are all too common in this day and age.

  • After filling out the change of address card, make sure you watch for the Post Office letter at your new address confirming the address change.
  • If you don’t receive the letter in a week or so, make sure you double check with the Post Office to make sure they pay attention to your new address change.
  • It’s also a good idea to send a separate change of address notification to your credit card companies, bank, magazines, utilities etc.

It’s always a good idea not to count on the Post Office 100%.

Cases Of Identity Theft
Motor Vehicle Leads
To Identity Theft

Don't leave personal items in your car. This will leave you open to identity theft.

Shirley had her car broken into and stolen from a mall parking lot.

Having the car stolen was bad enough, but Shirley had left a credit card and some personal information in the car.

This information had her name and address on it and was in the glove box (which didn’t lock).

To make matters worse, Shirley also had a garage door opener in the car.

Credit cards were opened in Shirley’s name, but Shirley put a credit freeze on her accounts, closed the old accounts, made up new PIN numbers and had the foresight to change all the locks on her house plus change the code to the remote that went to the garage door before anyone could steal items from her house.

Shirley’s car was later found abandoned, but had numerous identities of other people such as credit cards, licenses, Social Security numbers and drugs from the crooks that stole it. Dumb and Dumber!

  • Learn about more cases of identity theft at motor vehicle theft and how to protect yourself from crime and identity theft involving a stolen car and where you keep your car, such as garages, carports etc.

Cases Of Identity Theft And
What My Policeman Friend Says

My neighbor, Robert, is a detective for the Sheriff’s Dept. and handles many identity theft cases.

We talked at length about the problems he has come across in trying to help people get out of the mess of this devastating crime.

Many times Robert’s hands are tied and roadblocks are put in his path from credit card companies, businesses, and banks.

Many times even the victim can be a problem and won’t do the steps it takes to help themselves.

The victims wait around for Robert to miraculously make everything right.

Robert has heard through the “grapevine” that many city law enforcement agencies don’t do all they can for a victim, or take it as seriously as they should.

Robert and his department take these crimes against the victims as a priority.

They do everything in their power to “make things right”.

One problem is, many of the businesses are not willing to give a detective receipts for the case in question that he is trying to prosecute for a few reasons;

  • The business will only talk to and give receipts directly to the person in question or…
  • The businesses write off huge sums to fraud; and, until the courts take this seriously with stiff sentences, instead of a slap on the hand, the cost to do business will continue to rise so they can recover all they lose from fraud.
  • The amount of loss businesses write off may explain why many times Robert never receives copies of checks, receipts, etc.

Inform yourself with more knowledge and go to identity theft articles for more stories of identity theft.

Identity Theft Victims List
To Help Yourself And Police

Making a police report is the first item of business, if a victim.
  • Call police, file a report and you will be given a case number.
  • Filing a police report convinces creditors you are a victim of identity theft.
  • Call the credit bureaus and complete affidavit to place fraud alert on your credit reports.
  • Review credit reports for inaccurate charges and information.
  • Check all checking and saving accounts for discrepancies.
  • Notify the bank and close compromised accounts.
  • If checks have been stolen, notify verification companies.
  • Place a lost/stolen warning on your file at the Department of Motor Vehicles and request replacement driver’s license.

For extended information and more tips, go to identity theft victims to review your to-do list to get the process rolling and have as much information as you are able to collect to aid yourself and the police.

It's sad that in this day and age you can slap someone and receive more time in jail than if you steal a persons identity, open new accounts in their name, charge thousands and thousands of dollars, totally ruin a person’s credit and life and, in many cases, the thief only gets probation and years to pay off what he stole.

It can take years to regain your identity and clean up the mess the thief made of your life, so it is worth it to read about the cases of identity theft and learn all you can about this crime to protect yourself and your loved ones.

There are so many cases of identity theft, and every year the statistics grow. Protect yourself and be aware of all the scams that can happen to you.

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