Car Keyless Entry System: High Tech Car Thieves Love These!

A car keyless entry system is extremely vulnerable to a high tech car thief and can lead quickly to not only losing your car, but identity theft.

The 1980’s saw the start of the remote keyless entry and is now a standard item on most cars.

Having this system also has consequences.

A high tech thief that has the technical knowledge will have absolutely no problem committing motor vehicle theft.

Unfortunately, as if losing your car isn’t bad enough, the thief now also has access to your remote and keys for the garage and house.

You have now given the thief complete access to your house and everything you own and have worked so hard for.

Your privacy has now been hacked.

Id theft is Big business and can cost you time and money and the headaches of trying to repair any damage done to your credit and life.

Car Keyless Entry Systems: How They Work

  • Radio waves that are typically specific to the manufacturer is what’s used for the remote keyless entry system. Normally the signals are encrypted.
  • Research found these encrypted signals are extremely easy to trick and intercept.
  • You can transmit a signal to pop the trunk, start the car remotely, (if you car has this capability), unlock the doors, or activate the car alarm when your car remote is within a 20 foot distance of your car.
  • The criminal sets up two antennas, one near the holder of the key fob, whether in a pocket or purse, and one near the targeted vehicle.
  • This equipment is available for purchase from $100.00 to about $1000.00.
  • The criminal that has the antenna aimed at the victim with the key fob only needs to get within 26 feet of his victim.

If this crime is committed in a store, it’s easy to go unnoticed while you are committing this crime.

  • When the antenna is close to the victim’s key fob, the key will transmit a low power signal straight to the antenna, which then relays to the antenna near the car.

When this happens and the car has push-button start the criminal only has to unlock the doors and drive away.

  • A sheriff friend of mine told me he has seen high tech criminals hack into eight car manufacturers’ passive entry systems using this method. No protocol or cryptology stopped the thief.
  • The sheriff also felt just because the system may seem complicated he feels this is just another challenge for the criminal that love to buck the system.
  • The cost of the equipment is cheap and the victim has no clue this is being done to them until it’s too late. This way of stealing a car also leaves no sign of forced entry.

  • The only thing that helps stop this from becoming an epidemic of it’s own, it the fact that ignition systems are becoming more and more secure and complicated.
  • Filing claims with insurance companies, or the police trying to track down the thief could also become a problem.
  • The only two ways you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim of this crime is to leave your key fob at home, or shield your key fob’s radios with a guard.

As you can see a car keyless entry system can be convenient for you and the thief trying to steal your car. Be knowledgeable and protect yourself from this type of crime.

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A car keyless entry system is definitely a safe guard in protecting yourself from having you're car stolen and of course is much easier to use. Knowledge is the key to protecting yourself and knowledge is power.

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