Are Paid Online Surveys Scams? These Are A Scammer's Dream!

Are paid online surveys scams? Ads for these surveys are seen online, in magazine ads, TV, etc, and have been around for years.

Are paid online surveys scams? - Do they promote identitty thieft?

Are paid online surveys scams for real? I’ll let you decide: Here are some facts for you to consider.

  • The online ads that pitch surveys will usually start with, “Earn $300 a week! “Earn $600 a week!

It sounds too good to be true? If it sounds like that it usually is.

  • Scammers will spam and give promises of little effort required to get ‘quick money’.
  • The thief will also make promises that you only have to spend a few minutes to make huge earnings.

The catch? You only have to invest $24.95 or $35.00, etc, for the information on how to do this and/or to sign up with one of the online sites.

To learn more ways to protect yourself from becoming the next victim, go to business opportunity scams.

The vast majority of these sites not only spam, but never deliver on what is promised, and the survey products are not worth a thing.

Are paid online surveys scams? Going online to find a legitimate company is almost non existent.

  • Sadly, many of these companies that appear to have a good “ranking” can really be people that are called “middlemen” who the survey companies pay a commission to referrals.
  • Many times the highest ranking goes to the person that pays the most to the ranking site.

Wow! Are paid online surveys scams?

I would say yes, most of them are. If there are legitimate ones they are almost impossible to find.

There are so many listed on the internet you could go broke trying to find the ‘right one’.

I also looked into these scams years ago, and a couple of my family members looked recently, just for fun, and couldn’t find any that turned out to be legitimate.

If you do a Bing or Google search, you come up with thousands of these sites that want you to spend your money to sign up with them to do surveys.

Before I realized this was a scam, I spent hundreds of dollars, trying to find a legitimate site so I could make some extra money.

  • You think you are going to made “actual money”, but I found that most gave prizes, credits, etc, and didn’t pay “real money”.
  • If “real money” was paid it was a very insignificant amount, and took a long time to add up to anything they would send you. Normally, you would have to have X amount of dollars in your account with them for it to be worth their time in processing.

Most of these survey sites did not live up to the hype of how much money they made you believe you could make.

Many of the legitimate surveys online are very lengthy, so if you find one that works for you, give legitimate responses for legitimate questions.

  • It is also a well known fact that many of the testimonials used on these sites are not from satisfied customers, but from shills and ropers that write for these scams.

Are paid online surveys scams when the site uses questionable documented proof such as documents that are replicated and checks that show high amounts?

This is not proof considering the computer technology of today.

Just about anything can now be counterfeit and made to look authentic.

  • These companies will promise you the world, make impossible guarantees, and tell you they will refund your fee if you are not satisfied.

You’ll need a miracle to get a response or refund from one of these companies.

  • Make sure you read the fine print on these paid survey sites, as whatever their hype appears to be, it is usually contradicted in the fine print.

This is just another way the company will try to protect themselves legally.

  • It is also very dangerous to submit all your personal information to these companies that do not provide privacy policies that are made clear.

It can be an open invitation for identity theft. Also make sure you don’t pass over, but read the terms, conditions and disclaimers.

First send an email to any sight you are interested in and see if you get a response.

That will tell you a lot right there. Avoid them if you get no reply in a timely manner.

  • Be leery of any site that uses only a P.O. box or email address.

I would want an actual address that you can check out and verify.

Don't let yourself be taken for a ride. Protect yourself from these identity theft scams.

Check out the site at, (Better Business Bureau) and check under business reports to see if you can bring up the site.

Check to see how they rate, what complaints they might have had, what area the complaints were in and, most importantly, how the complaints were handled.

If the company didn't respond to the complaint, or the complaint was not handled to the satisfaction of the customer, then Beware!

Local bbb’s (Better Business Bureau) are flooded with complaints regarding these paid survey sites. Most of the states bbb’s also have a warning on their website about this, and many other scams.

  • If you find a paid survey site is registered by proxy in “whois”, run! Don’t do business with a company like this.

Many run their paid survey scams hiding their contact information behind proxy services.

Multiple sites can be launched so it appears to make their ‘industry” more legitimate and scam you into purchasing the same paid survey list several times.

Are paid online surveys scams? If you feel you have been ripped-off, go to your local District Attorney and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC): 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357 or www.ftc. Gov. Protect yourself by first checking out the company you are interested in. Don’t become a victim.

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