About BeyondIdentityTheft.com

About BeyondIdentityTheft.com

Why do I care about identity theft?

I have worked in various parts of the legal and the security fields for many years and I was raised in a family whose father was in law enforcement. I also have several aunts and uncles who work in law enforcement as well.

But what made be want to create this site?

Because I was able to successfully stop myself from becoming an identity theft victim when someone tried to steal my identity.

I also know of numerous people, many personally, that have been victims of identity theft. Their lives became a nightmare simply because they didn’t know how to protect themselves from this crime.

My hope is to educate people on the threat of ID theft that has spread across our country because I believe that Knowledge is the key.

I hope that this site brings that knowledge to you!


P.S. This is the first website that I ever built, but I had help! Want to build a website on a topic that you are passionate about? Find out how I did it here!

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